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|align="left" | 4:00pm ||align="center" | TBD
|align="left" | 4:00pm ||align="center" | TBD
|align="left" | 4:30pm ||align="center" | Wrap-up

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The 10th Annual LinuxFest Northwest will be held Saturday and Sunday, April 25-26, 2009 at Bellingham Technical College in Bellingham, Wash.

FAD LFNW Details

  • Date: Saturday, April 25, 2009
  • Place: LinuxFest Northwest, Bellingham Technical College, Bellingham, Wash.
  • Room: Haskell 203
  • Time: 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Talk: Larry Cafiero, the regional ambassador for the U.S. West Coast, is scheduled to give a brief introductory talk about Fedora -- Fedora First: An Introduction -- prior to the start of the FAD. Including Q-and-A, it shouldn't last more than 30 minutes.




Time Activity
10:00am Larry Cafiero: "Fedora First: An Introduction"
10:30am Fedora Activity Day
11:00am TBD
11:30am TBD
12:00pm Lunch
1:30pm TBD
2:00pm TBD
3:00pm TBD
3:30pm TBD
4:00pm TBD
4:30pm Wrap-up