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North American Ambassadors

Welcome to the North American Ambassadors page. We're working hard to make this page our central point for all NA Ambassadors. If you are interested in further participating in the Fedora project as an ambassador, we'd love to have you on board.

Currently, we're building a list of active North American ambassadors. If you interested in helping us, feel free to add your name.

Meeting Times

North American ambassadors meet on, #fedora-meeting, every Tuesday at 9pm Eastern US time.

Assigned Tasks

Task Name Owner Priority Target Date Status/Notes
Contacting local NA ambassadors DavidNalley, ClintSavage, JohnRose 1 update on 8/5 The goal is to get a good current list of who's active and who isn't. We will mark those who respond as "active" and inactive members will be removed / "retired" in 60 days.
Toolkit and EventBox ClintSavage, DavidNalley 1 update on 8/5 We need a clear proposal. What, exactly, is a toolkit? What, exactly, is an EventBox? We need closure on this issue so that we can (a) figure out funds required and (b) consult FAMSCO.
Event kit transfer policy ClintSavage 1 update on 8/5 We need to document the policy for moving banners, etc. from event to event.
Move CDs to on-disk
Discuss with FAMSCo
JeffreyTadlock 1 update on 7/29 FAMSCo buy-in is necessary to obtain this capability to
simplify ordering of Fedora CDs within the budget
Fedora Ambassadors Day JeffreyTadlock 1 update on 8/5 More discussion on-list required
musts/coulds/shoulds DavidNalley 1 update on 8/5 As potential duties for NA Ambassadors grow, we will keep a list of things that ambassadors MUST do, SHOULD do, and COULD do. DavidNalley will take a first pass.

Completed Tasks

Task Name Owner Priority Target Date Status/Notes
Create the tasks page for NA Ambassadors GregDeKoenigsberg 1 7/21 Look! I d00d it!
Ambassador polos for NA PascalCalarco 1 7/14 15 polos ordered for 11 NA Ambassadors; delivery should be complete 7/22