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You may have seen the linux movie "Revolution OS" or the documentaries of Michael Moore, but as far as i'm aware, there has never been a movie/documentary highlighting the history of the Fedora operating system, from the cores to the current implimentation [f14 and f15 alpha at time of writing]. With the help of people all around the world, i hope to achieve this. This page is just an ideas page, if you're interested or have an idea, then please add to the page.

People to Interview

  • FAMSCo members
  • FESCo members
  • Current and past FPL's [1]

Definitively we need the following persons interview: From Red Hat, and ex-Red Hat: - Michael K Johnson (currently works at SAS Institute, Railegh-Durham) "I was an operating system developer for Red Hat, working on Red Hat Linux. I managed the kernel team for about three and a half years, and I was the founding technical leader of Red Hat's Fedora Project." -

General Ideas

Recommended viewing/reading material

  • Revolution OS [2]

Possible tools to use

  • Fedora
  • KDEnlive
  • gimp
  • Inkscape
  • RecordMyDesktop
  • OpenShot

Release schedule ideas

  • Release in 2013? The 10th anniversary of Fedora? September 25th 2013

I want to be involved with this