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==Blogs and Reports==
==Blogs and Reports==
* FWD Guwahati event report:
* FWD Guwahati event report:
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Fedora Women Day, Guwahati, 2017


  • Date - 14th September 9:30PM
  • Location - Girls Hostel, IIT Guwahati, India

Event Description

Fedora Women Day is a new weekend of celebration to help raise awareness and thanks for the women contributors across the Fedora Project. Fedora Women Day marks the anniversary of the Fedora Women team.

This event will be an informal meetup for the students to get a glimpse into the world of Open Source. Primary objective is to introduce them to various Open Source Organizations and get them started if they are interested.

Speakers and Topics



Around 25-30. (All newbies to FOSS)

Feel free to add your name here


Not required.

Useful links

Blogs and Reports