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Every session needs a volunteer who will run the camera, watch the timer, and monitor IRC for Q&A (if it happens). We will be using laptops running Fedora 24 and using GNOME Cheese to record the talks. We will not be recording hackfests or workshops.

By signing up for a session as a volunteer, you're committing to:

  • Attending that session
  • Please get there at least 5 minutes before your session to start the video stream
  • Watching a timer and signalling the speaker (with signs) when he/she has 10, 5, and 0 minutes remaining.

If possible you should also try to:

  • Make sure someone starts meeting recording in the irc channel for your room (#fedora-flock-RRR) using (ie, #startmeeting sessionname)
  • Ask them to also gateway questions and comments from IRC to the room/speaker as needed.
  • Make sure they also #endmeeting when the session is complete.

NOTE: this person doesn't need to be you, just try and make sure there is someone.

You should not volunteer for a session where you are the speaker, or where you are giving a talk at the same time, or where you want to be in a separate session.

Just put your name beside the sessions that you want to volunteer for. Take as many as you want, but please, only one volunteer per session.

Remember, by doing this, you make it possible for the rest of the Fedora community to participate (and view for years to come). Thanks!

Transcription means typing the speaker's words and the questions and answers to the designated IRC room LIVE. If nobody volunteered for the transcription, just ask if anybody in the room would do it or do it yourself.

Video Recording Notes

Volunteer Slots

Tuesday, August 2

Room Day Time Topic Volunteer Transcriber
Main Room - Picasso Tuesday 09:00 State of Fedora 2016 Keynote TBD TBD
Monet Tuesday 10:00 Introducing Fedora Docker Layered Image Builds TBD TBD
Canaletto Tuesday 10:00 Building a Software Defined Network based on Fedora TBD TBD
Matejko Tuesday 10:00 Fedora with Amazon EC2 Container Service TBD TBD
Main Room - Picasso Tuesday 10:00 Fedora Workstation Next Steps TBD TBD
Chelmonski Tuesday 10:00 Localization (G11N) TBD TBD
openQA Tuesday 10:00 A year managing the Italian Fedora Community TBD TBD
Matejko Tuesday 11:00 Introduction to Container Security TBD TBD
Canaletto Tuesday 11:00 Towards an Atomic Workstation TBD TBD
Monet Tuesday 11:00 Getting new things into Fedora TBD TBD
openQA Tuesday 11:00 "I contributed ! but, what now ?" TBD TBD
Main Room - Picasso Tuesday 11:00 The state of Fedora-Infra TBD TBD
Main Room - Picasso Tuesday 13:30 State of the Fedora Server Union TBD TBD
Matejko Tuesday 13:30 Sharing secrets in a containerized world TBD TBD
Monet Tuesday 13:30 Hacking Koji for Fun and Profit TBD TBD
Canaletto Tuesday 13:30 Packaging Chromium for Fedora TBD TBD
Chelmonski Tuesday 13:30 Python Packaging in Fedora TBD TBD
openQA Tuesday 13:30 How to use personal kanban for better organization TBD TBD
Canaletto Tuesday 14:30 "OpenPOWER and Open Source, How to Succeed" TBD TBD
Matejko Tuesday 14:30 Containers in Production TBD TBD
Monet Tuesday 14:30 Copr: What's new? TBD TBD
Chelmonski Tuesday 14:30 Zanata - translation platform TBD TBD
Main Room - Picasso Tuesday 14:30 The Kernel Talk TBD TBD
Matejko Tuesday 15:30 Application Containers and System Services TBD TBD
openQA Tuesday 15:30 Fedora Magazine and what it teaches us about users TBD TBD
Chelmonski Tuesday 15:30 Electronic/Robotics with Nodejs TBD TBD
Main Room - Picasso Tuesday 15:30 Fedora Council Update & Town Hall TBD TBD
Monet Tuesday 15:30 Fedora's MirrorManager - now and the future TBD TBD
Canaletto Tuesday 15:30 Fedora SWAG TBD TBD
Canaletto Tuesday 16:30 Ensuring ABI stability in Fedora TBD TBD
openQA Tuesday 16:30 Thoughts on Fedora and Arts TBD TBD
Chelmonski Tuesday 16:30 Globalization audit of Fedora Atomic TBD TBD
Main Room - Picasso Tuesday 16:30 Fedora ARM state of the Union TBD TBD
Matejko Tuesday 16:30 Scaling containers for profit TBD TBD
Monet Tuesday 16:30 Mailman 3 and HyperKitty TBD TBD
Canaletto Tuesday 17:30 University Outreach – New task or new mindset? TBD TBD
Chelmonski Tuesday 17:30 Fedora sponsors TBD TBD
Monet Tuesday 17:30 Software Repository Management with Pulp TBD TBD

Wednesday, August 3