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Got questions about GSoC or you're just looking to chat with everyone? Here's how


The irc channel is #fedora-gsoc on freenode.

TODO: Link to an IRC howto page

You are a student

Just enter the channel and start talking. People with the mode +v are there to answer questions. They are administrators or mentors.

You are a mentor

You will be automatically voiced once you enter the channel. If you would like to be added to the mentor list, ask one of the administrators. You will have op rights on request in order to moderate the channel. Please use it sparingly.

You are an administrator

You will be automatically voiced on entering the channel. You have full control rights to the channel and can modify the access lists too. There are three access lists to work with. The first two are moderator and administrator, which are obvious in meaning. The third is zodbot which is for all trusted bots. This garnts the bot automatic +o on entering in order to change the topic during a meeting.

You are a zodbot