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(how to install needed dependencies to use omemo)
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: <code>sudo dnf copr enable -y philfry/gajim</code>
: <code>sudo dnf copr enable -y philfry/gajim</code>
:: <code>sudo dnf install -y python-axolotl</code>
:: <code>sudo dnf install -y python-axolotl python-axolotl-curve25519</code>
: or
: or
:: <code>sudo dnf install -y python3-axolotl</code>
:: <code>sudo dnf install -y python3-axolotl python3-axolotl-curve25519</code>

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OMEMO dependencies

install OMEMO dependencies via pip

sudo dnf install -y python3-devel
sudo pip3 install python-axolotl

install OMEMO dependencies via corp philfry/gajim

sudo dnf copr enable -y philfry/gajim
sudo dnf install -y python-axolotl python-axolotl-curve25519
sudo dnf install -y python3-axolotl python3-axolotl-curve25519