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Gerold Kassube

some private information about myself
GeroldKassube gerold.jpg postal address:
Zeisigweg 1a
D-79618 Rheinfelden/Baden

Email: GeroldKa AT fedoraproject DOT org
PGP-Key: 0xf33128b9 (get it by gpg --recv-key f33128b9)
Fingerprint: 4abc a903 f1f4 d9cc c422 aaca edf1 df42 f331 28b9
Gender: male
Birthday: 1965-08-30
Nationality: German
Location: milky way; Earth, Europe, Germany, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Rheinfelden

martial status: happily married since 15 years
children: Helena (*1993), Johanna (*1995), Jonas (*1997)
*Nick: geroldka
*vhost: @fedora/geroldka
*Channels: #fedora-ambassadors,#fedora-de,#fedora-mktg

*Nick: kermit
*Channels: #Flirt-Chat,#freebsd,#linuxeinsteiger,#linuxfriends,#lugloe
GeroldKassube 184298.gif I initially trained as a business economist, but a lack of opportunities in this profession meant I took the opportunity in 1999 to retrain as a Network Administrator with a large German Education centre. I had my first contact with Linux during my first year of retraining. In Germany it is IMHO mostly SuSE, but I fell in love the moment I saw it.
I also have some BASIC programming experience from the early 80’s, but never continued it. Today I am IT Engineer for a "global company" with more than 250'000 Employees, and I'm based in Zurich Switzerland.
I have been using Red Hat since 2000 and Fedora since the first Version.
@ home, I have a small network running mostly Fedora. I spend my spare time training approx 30 children in Judo (3 times a week), and I also manage the Linux Usergroup Lörrach e.V. (Homepage only in German right now), ...

I joined the Fedora Ambassadors in December 2005. If you have any question do not hesitate to contact me.

My Projects as an Ambassador

Additional; feel free and use it

My Awards (based on Fedora Project)

  1. Ambassadors/Awards Fedora Ambassadors Recognition Award dated 2006-03-01 (one of thirteen)
  2. Ambassadors/Awards Fedora Ambassadors Recognition Award dated 2006-08-31 (one of ten)
  3. Ambassadors/Awards Fedora Ambassadors Recognition Award dated 2007-03-01 (one of five)
  4. I like to vote this also as an Award, maybe "the highest" until today: An article in Max Blog

MISC (based on Fedora Project)

  1. File:GeroldKassube fedora geroldka.tar.gz My current background (created by MOLA )