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This page deals with using Fedora to run Docker containers.

Using Docker on Fedora

Installing and Configuring Docker on Fedora

System Requirements

  • Docker can run only on 64 bit systems (for now, at least).
  • Fedora 19 and onwards are supported.
  • Kernel version 3.8 and above are supported. 3.2 to 3.5 are known to be unstable with docker

Installing Docker packages

First off we need to get rid of docker package which is known to conflict as per this bug

$ sudo yum -y remove docker
$ sudo yum -y install docker-io

To start the docker service use systemctl:

$ sudo systemctl start docker

To make sure the docker service remains enabled across reboots:

$ sudo systemctl enable docker

We can launch a Docker running Fedora image by doing the following:

$ sudo docker run -i -t fedora /bin/bash

The command above will download the Fedora image from Docker public repos and run it.