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This page is to track requirements and progress on Fedora Git Forge change decision



What Why
Associates must be able to use SSO to sign in So that RH as a business is protected against harmful activity from its employees
Example Example

RHEL Engineer

  • I want to be able to create branches via an API
    • So that git branch management can be automated
  • I want to know 6 months in advance if CPE move git forge
    • So that my team has time to adopt our dependant services to the new offering in a timely manner
  • I want a modern git workflow
    • So that I can use upstream practices in RHEL development for quicker delivery of features & fixes

General User

What Why
I want to sign in using the SSO of my account system So that I can access the git forge repos and contribute to RHEL
I want an API to interact programmatically with the forge So that I can integrate any/my application with the gitforge
I need to be able to port patches between projects S o that I can easily collaborate between projects
I need CentOS & Fedora to be integrated in gitforge So I can push requests from one OS to the other
I need to be able to see SIG groups So that I know what group to reach out to to ask for help
I will see inline images against comments So that it is easier for me to see communications and status’s of issues
The gitforge supports a message bus So that I can continue to create formatted messages and provide alerts and metrics
I want to be able to create a bot/service account That integrates with the gitforge in the same way as a human does
I want to be able to make suggestions to fedora docs Without having to set up an entire infrastructure for making low-friction contributions
I want to create projects and groups of projects So that I can self organise my teams work
I want to create custom access levels So that I can protect my projects but remain open by default
I want the ability to search across metadata To easily search code, commits and issues within a project
I want to rebase without waiting for the submitter to rebase So that I can proceed with accepting PRs
I want a unique URI to my code archive So that I can have a point in time snapshot
I want to access repos fully over https For environments where SSH is blocked
I want to see active branches prioritised So that end of life branches do not clutter my view
I can request access rights to a repository So that I can contribute in a low friction manner
I can file bugs and feature requests So that I can provide feedback and track future work
I can vote on issues To indicate my support or not for a particular issue
I want a mobile native app To allow me contribute while away from my desk
I can reassign issues to another component Where it can receive help and cooperation
I want the service to be reliable and available 24/7 to me so that I can access the service in a CD manner at all times
I would like support to address a bug that I have logged in a timely manner so that it does not unduly disrupt my workflow
I want the ability to use SSH and HTTP pulls to give me optimal usage
I want branches and visualisations of the branching setup to allow me track releases
I want the ability to have private and public repositories to allow me work in private and publish it publicly
I want groups and group membership and management to allow me create access control on a suite of repositories
I want a GUI to interface with the system as well as a CLI so new users have an easier way to interface with it
I want an extensible git hook service to allow me integrate with popular services or create that binding To allow a CI system evolve around my code
I want a temporary file (gist) So that I can share code easily
I want to have interactive code reviews in my branches and PRs to foster collaboration
I want to be notified of CVEs in my code so that I can stay on top of critical vulnerabilities
I want integrated keyword support to allow me automate a lot of my actions such as a rebuild / retest
I want integration with my git forge in my IDE so I can stay focused in one spot
I want to gain analytics and insights from my code so that I can have historic context to make decisions moving forward
I would like a static website as part of my git forge to allow me advertise my projects and personal self
I would like to track my work in an Agile manner allowing me centralise all my planning in my forge and gain insights into how I am working.
I would like merge protection on my PRs to enable reviewers protect my code
I would like insights into the quality of my code to allow for technical debt planning
I would like historical logs and audits of all actions so that I can satisfy regulatory requirements
I would like a suite of templates, to boostrap projects easier
I want registry integration so that I can store dependencies
I want the ability to have a private branch So that I do not need to leave the code tree I am already in
I want to have private repos So that I can secure an entire repository for privacy reasons
I want protected branches So that I do not accidentally cause any issue
I want email notifications So that I am aware of changes on my PR
I want to have multiple PRs merge as a group So that I can verify wider functionality as one
I want automerges when specific acceptance criteria are met So that I do not need manual intervention
I want to set a filter for PRs of interest on a repo So that I get notified when something triggers my filter

Kernel Developer

What Why
I want to know why my kernel patch is on hold so I know what needs to be done to get it merged
want to use git-push so that I can take advantage of git forge tooling
I want to test TSC scenarios that take up to 31 days so that I can still provide meaningful results for review discussion
I want to provide my test dependencies so the right tests can be run on my patches
I need the ability to privately justify a PR so that confidential information does not leak outside Red Hat
I need a place to run scratch builds through CI so that I can test and verify things before I officially submit my pull-request
I want the tool to support email and gui based workflow so that both the older developers and younger developers feel comfortable committing
I want to make sure a bugzilla is attached to every PR because a bugzilla coordinates management approval
I want to follow the same process to submit a patch to z-stream so I do not have to learn a new process
I should have the ability to block all merges until I review them because I don’t trust the new processes and tools yet
I would like to run my own custom testing and not the default CI testing so that I have control about what is tested based on the pushed patches
I need the ability to override a failed check and merge in a pull-request, so that I have an emergency back-door in case policy or CI falsely fails
I must have the ability to point to the history of how a patch entered the git tree so that I can have a verifiable audit trail of every change in the kernel


What Why
I want to be able to use kanban boards So that my team can easily schedule and prioritize work in a visible way
I want to be able to apply custom labels to issues So that I can specify issues on a per-repo basis
I want to be able to use custom fields So that I can specify metadata that is unique to my teams workflow
I want to be able to track issues So that I/my team can track work assigned to us and receive external work requests
Example Example

CPE member

What Why
I want the maintaining of a git forge to be more supported So that I can focus on other projects that meet the mission statement