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This page is a draft only
It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page.
This is a page that describes policies of the Fedora Project.
For policy pages, accuracy and clarity are important. You are encouraged to edit the wiki to improve it. If you have any substantive changes to make to this page, use the talk page to discuss the changes with other page maintainers. Do this before making the changes.

Making wiki pages?

Want to know how to name them in the New World of MediaWiki?

This page tells you how we want the wiki structured, when it comes to creating new pages or moving around old content.

Consistency is good, it instills a sense of confidence in to the reader. These rules and the Help:Editing rules are designed to use MediaWiki features, match Fedora Project needs,

Page naming

Use this for naming new pages and areas. Also use it for planning where to move nested content migrated from the old wiki.

End-user focused pages

These are pages focused on end-users of all levels, beginner to highly experienced. These are pages not specifically under a subProject or SIG.

  • Name pages within a single, flat namespace; do not use directory-like hierarchies:
    • no : SIGs/Foo/Meetings
    • yes : Foo_SIG_Meetings

Project and SIG focused pages for contributors

These are pages focused on contributors who are working in one or more areas of Fedora. Some content may be end-user focused but belong within the project/SIG for reference. The content here is divided by one nesting level.

  • Put pages in the single nested level
    • no : SIGs/ISV/Join
    • yes : ISV_SIG/Join
  • Content within the single nesting should be in a flat namespace
    • no : EPEL_FAQ_/PackageMaintainer/GenericJobDescription
    • yes : EPEL/FAQ
    • yes : EPEL/Package_Maintainer_Generic_Job_Description

Section naming

  • Capitalize first letter of first word, leave the rest lower case: "Like this"