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The supplemental wallpaper wrangler oversees the supplemental wallpaper process, and is a duty that can rotate every release given the interest of the current maintainer.

The responsibilities of the supplemental wallpaper wrangler include:

  1. Setting a deadline for the wallpaper submissions which will be posted on F16_Artwork/Submissions/Supplemental_Wallpapers the current Supplemental Wallpapers page.
  2. Announcing the supplemental wallpapers process. When advertising this note that supplemental wallpapers should be photography-based.
  1. Monitor the submissions on the wiki. Post follow-up announcements as needed to solicit more submissions
  2. After the deadline has passed, moderate a discussion on design-team mailing list to narrow it down to (? 15 or so) wallpapers.
  3. Contact the winning artists, get their okay, confirm the license on each image.
  4. Work with a packager to have the wallpapers packaged.
  5. Announce selected wallpapers on