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The supplemental wallpaper wrangler oversees the supplemental wallpaper process, and is a duty that can rotate every release given the interest of the current maintainer.

The responsibilities of the supplemental wallpaper wrangler include:

  1. Setting a deadline for the wallpaper submissions which will be posted on the current Supplemental Wallpapers page.
  2. Announcing the supplemental wallpapers process. When advertising this note that supplemental wallpapers should be photography-based.
  1. Monitor the submissions on the wiki. Post follow-up announcements as needed to solicit more submissions
  2. After the deadline has passed, moderate a discussion on design-team mailing list to narrow it down to (? 15 or so) wallpapers.
  3. Contact the winning artists, get their okay, confirm the license on each image.
  4. Work with a packager to have the wallpapers packaged.
  5. Announce selected wallpapers on