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Documentation Summary:

Purpose: To describe different ways of interacting with an iPod using Fedora.

Audience: iPod owners

Assumptions: The user is running Fedora linux, has access to the internet, and generally understands how to use computer software. The user also owns an iPod and wishes to use and sync it with Fedora.

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Lead Writer: User:danielsmw

How to use your Apple iPod in Fedora

Because of the proprietary nature of iPod, it can be difficult to use it on your Linux platform without guidance. Unfortunately, Apple has not (and has never announced plans to) release a Linux version of iTunes, and iTunes is not yet stable through Wine. Luckily, there are several high-quality tools available for Linux users to manage media content on the iPod. Among them are gtk-pod, YamiPod, and tools built into media players such as AmaroK, Rhythmbox, and Banshee.