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IBus is an Intelligent Input Bus. It is a new input framework for Linux OS. It provides full featured and user friendly input method user interface. It also may help developers to develop input method easily.

IBus Languages

ISO Codes Language Names Default IME (input method engine)
ja Japanese ibus-kkc
ko Korean ibus-hangul
zh-cn Simplified Chinese ibus-libpinyin
zh-tw Traditional Chinese ibus-zhuyin
- European languages XKB

IBus Packages

Fedora 28

ibus - ibus core

ibus-pinyin - Chinese Pin Yin input engine

ibus-chewing - Chinese chewing input engine bases on libchewing

ibus-anthy - Japanese anthy input engine bases on libanthy

ibus-mozc - Japanese mozc input engine

ibus-hangul - Korean hangul input engine bases on libhangul

ibus-table - General table input engine

ibus-m17n - Gerneal input engine bases on m17n library

ibus-kkc - Japanese kkc input engine based on libkkc

ibus-typing-booster - Faster typing by context sensitive completion (many languages supported)

IBus table packages

ibus-table - The Table engine for IBus platform

ibus-table-additional - Additional tables for general table engine of IBus

ibus-table-cangjie - Cang Jie input methods for ibus-table

ibus-table-erbi - Erbi input methods for ibus-table

ibus-table-wubi - Wubi input methods for ibus-table

ibus-table-extraphrase - Extra phrase data for IBus-Table engine.


Supports most of features in SCIM.

Supports gtk, qt4, and X applications.


Separates IMEs from the framework, so the bad quality IME can not crash the whole system again.

The IME could be load or unload on the fly.

The ibus framework could shut down smoothly.

Supports a lot of programming languages to develop IMEs.

Could work with xkb or kbd.

On-screen keyboard.


ibus (core IMEs)