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IRC Support SIG

What is the IRC Support SIG

The IRC (Internet relay chat) Support SIG (Special interest group) is a group of people who seek to improve support users get in #fedora and promote a fun social area in #fedora-social.


Anyone can be a member of the SIG. Just start helping others in #fedora, chatting with others in #fedora-social and attend our weekly meetings in #fedora-meeting at 17:00UTC (Noon EST) on Thursdays each week.


Currently the SIG controls/manages the following channels:

  • #fedora - This is the main support channel
  • #fedora-social - This is the main social channel.
  • #fedora-unregistered - This channel is used to hold unregistered with freenode folks before they join #fedora for support.
  • #fedora-ops - This channel is for coordinating and discussing management of the other 3 channels above.

Voting members and voting

A subset of the SIG will be voting members and be able to vote on issues brought up for a vote before the SIG.

Voting members are anyone who is an operator in any of the 4 above channels.

New operators/voting members are nominated by filing a ticket and asking to join. Voting members have 7 days to vote, majority vote determines outcome.

Existing voting members can be removed in roughly the same way as the process to add them. Inactive members can be removed if their is a majority vote to do so here.

In other cases (aside from promoting/removing members), broad consensus should be attempted first and if no clear consensus can be reached a vote can be held on the issue or change.

when and if other channels wish to join the sig, rules for that can be added.

#fedora-ops channel

The #fedora-ops channel is for coordinating between operators of the other 3 channels. Operators in those 3 channels are welcome to join and idle in #fedora-ops. Other folks can be allowed by nomination from an op and a second from any other operator. Those not in the above 2 groups are welcome to join and discuss an issue or concern from the other 3 channels, but will be asked to then depart after their issue or concern is noted.

Mailing list

The IRC Support SIG has an open mailing list (subscribe to post) at:

General ideas or discussion welcome there.

Trac instance

The IRC Support SIG has a trac instance at

Use your Fedora account (FAS) to login and leave us a ticket.


Q: I wish to bring up an issue to the sig, how can I do that?

A: Please file a trac ticket on our trac instance: it will be looked at at the next meeting.