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At Flock 2015, we started talking about instituting periodic events where we would stop working on new features and bugfixes, and work instead on addressing technical debt. The discussion continued in November and we are scheduled to have our first one in the first week of December. Technical Debt Fighting Week!


General code smells we can address:

  • duplicated code (fas caching, openid client login, ...)
  • long methods and large classes (supybot-fedora, ...)
  • contrived complexity (fedbadges, ...)
  • half-implemented features (datagrepper, ...)
  • no or poor documentation (releng scripts, ...)
  • commented out code? or incorrect comments!
  • no tests? or broken tests! (hotness, anitya, ...)
  • does hacking on it feel good or bad? Let's document where and why.


Ideas of specific things to work on (add your ideas):

  • python-fedora
    • streamline release process
    • remove dead code
      • pkgdb1 client
      • prepare the ground for fas3 (careful not to get bogged down adding new features.. that's for a different week!)
  • flask apps (which ones)
    • code de-duplication
  • flask-fas-openid to merge with flask-openid
  • ansible playbooks
  • bodhi
    • Process errors reported by email
    • code de-duplication
    • docs