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Project Sponsor

Name: Matt Domsch
Fedora Account Name: mdomsch
Group: Infrastructure
Infrastructure Sponsor: mdomsch

Secondary Contact info

Name: Jeff Garzik
Fedora Account Name: jgarzik
Group: Kernel Developers

Project Info

Project Name: IPv6 Connectivity for Infrastructure
Target Audience: IPv6-capable users
Expiration/Delivery Date (required): 12/31/2009

Description/Summary: Fedora Infrastructure services are not reachable via IPv6. This plan allows FI to serve both IPv4 and IPv6 users.

Project plan (Detailed):

  1. Discover and use native IPv6 connectivity if offered in each of our data centers.
# Telia is reported to have it
# Options:  6to4 gateway server, or 6to4 on each public-facing (static IP) server.
  1. Convert services one by one to serve IPv6 natively.
# Proxy Servers
# MirrorManager


Specific resources needed

  • publictest instance in PHX for the 6to4 gateway and/or a proxy server which itself uses 6to4.