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Project Sponsor

Name: Matt Domsch
Fedora Account Name: mdomsch
Group: Infrastructure
Infrastructure Sponsor: mdomsch

Secondary Contact info

Name: Jeff Garzik
Fedora Account Name: jgarzik
Group: Kernel Developers

Project Info

Project Name: IPv6 Connectivity for Infrastructure
Target Audience: IPv6-capable users
Expiration/Delivery Date (required): 12/31/2009

Description/Summary: Fedora Infrastructure services are not reachable via IPv6. This plan allows FI to serve both IPv4 and IPv6 users.

Project plan (Detailed):

  1. Discover and use native IPv6 connectivity if offered in each of our data centers.
* Telia is reported to have it
  1. Stand up a 6to4 gateway server in PHX and other data centers that do not have native connectivity. This server will provide routing between IPv6 users and our IPv4 infrastructure.
  2. Convert services one by one to serve IPv6 natively.
* Proxy Servers
* MirrorManager


Specific resources needed

  • publictest instance in PHX for the 6to4 gateway