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= Requesting New Hosted Project =
= Requesting New Hosted Project =
This page details how to request a new project hosting space that
Please see for details on requesting a new project on Fedora Hosted.
exists on  To do this, you must first
open a new request ticket in the
[ Fedora Infrastructure Trac instance] .
1. Before you are able to view ''New Ticket'', you must log in:
1. Once logged in, click on the ''New Ticket'' tab, or use this link:
1. Fill in the ''Short summary:'' with the name of the project and that you are requesting hosting space.  Set the ''Type:'' to ''task''.
1. Under ''Ticket Properties'', set ''Priority:'' to ''minor'', unless there is urgency.  Also, set the ''Component:'' to ''Hosted Projects''.
1. For the main body of the request, use the [#request_template template below] .
1. Then ''Preview'' preview and fix, or ''Submit ticket''.
Project name:
Project short summary:
SCM choice (git/hg/svn/bzr/mtn):
Request Trac instance (yes/no):
Importing from another SCM?  If yes, which?
Project admin Fedora Account System account name:
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Requesting New Hosted Project

Please see for details on requesting a new project on Fedora Hosted.