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Infrastructure Apprentice

The 'fi-apprentice' group in the Fedora Account System is one with a lot of read-only access to various Fedora infrastructure machines. This group is used for new folks to look around at the infrastructure setup, check machines and processes and see where they might like to contribute moving forward. This also allows apprentices to examine and gather info on problems, then propose solutions.

Access to many infrastructure machines

Members of the fi-apprentice group have ssh/shell access to many machines, but no sudo rights or ability to commit to puppet (but they do have read-only puppet access). Access is via the machine and from there to each machine. Exceptions to this access are: backups*, db*, fas*, sign*, rel* and compose*, These machines may contain sensitive data and are almost always in a production mode.

Nagios alerts

This group does NOT get nagios alerts. If you wish to see them, you should join the sysadmin group.

Length of membership

This group will be pruned each cycle in the general housekeeping task. Members who have not logged into any machine and/or are not active will be removed.