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This page is a light project plan for Fedora Insight.


To deploy a content management system for the Fedora Project; and to build around it a team of Fedora contributors who are passionate about maintaining it and serving other contributors with it.

Project name

Fedora Insight


Project team







Phase 1

A working content management system at, with the following functionality:

  • Authentication to FAS
  • Group assignment through FAS
  • Working theme as prepared by the Design team
  • Publication procedure for Fedora Weekly News

Phase 2

The following additional functionality:

  • The ability to select items from configured RSS feeds to be promoted to publication and other tagging

Phase 3

The following additional functionality:

  • The ability to publish and attach podcasts to a story
  • Post announcements of podcast publication



  • Handle multiple beats
  • Handle arbitrary number of beats per issue
  • Publish new issue to front page with issue summary
  • Link issue to ToC for easier reading
  • Provide issue as a combined single page


  • Add another content type here and what we want from it


  • Determine all requirements
  • Scope requirements into phases
  • Determine whether platform meets requirements
    • If not, select modules and package for drupal6 in EL-5 (with eye toward EL-6 too)
  • Deploy test instance
  • For each requirement in phase:
    • Assign responsible contributor
    • Document procedure for fulfillment on wiki
    • Create appropriate facility in the platform
    • Have appropriate stakeholders test and accept
  • Test -> Stage
    • Recreate facilities in staging instance
    • Have stakeholders test for consistency and accept
  • Stage -> Production