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Name the Fedora IoT Edition

We need your help naming the Fedora IoT Edition. Submit your nominations below.

Name suggestions

Put your name suggestions below. Please don't submit anything we can't accept (trademarks, names of living people, obviously offensive terms, etc). If it has a connection to a term understood by the IoT or edge device communities, please include an explanation.

Suggested Name Suggested by Explanation
CharIoTeer bcotton It has "IoT" in it (this is not a real suggestion, just an example)
Edgy McEdgeface pbrobinson Because it's the law!
Edge tdawson The boring, but logical name
SilverBlueServer tdawson Because it's the SilverBlue tech, for servers


  • 2-15 March 2020: Name suggestions collected
  • 16 March 2020: IoT team removes unusable suggestions
  • 17 March 2020: Fedora Program Manager sets up an election
  • 18-25 March 2020: Fedora community (CLA +1 required) votes on names
  • 26 March 2020: Top three names sent to Red Hat Legal for final check