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Scriptlet Usage for Features/LimitScriptletUsage

Pkg Name Scriptlet Cmd Size md5 Notes
bash POSTIN <lua> 273 c11867224919236ba6139cdd0d7cb151 /etc/shells
bash POSTUN <lua> 320 26da56146eeb3e888cac968ba70fe28f /etc/shells
ca-certificates POSTIN /bin/sh 114 7ecbeb6d9fd64178d85b31b6052d9a1f Backups of /etc/pki/... cacerts, ca-bundle.crt and
ca-certificates PREIN /bin/sh 1708 dfa8adac22a1664ec234bd2497702e31 "/usr/bin/ca-legacy install && /usr/bin/update-ca-trust"
crypto-policies POSTIN /bin/sh 53 85975378f57d39bb8f65f3c2c654d0df /usr/bin/update-crypto-policies --no-check
dbus-broker POSTIN /bin/sh 2295 2d8c94a9a0ac7a8c2dc0b11e1523692b On install, Service preset: dbus.service dbus.socket (and *WORKAROUNDS*)
dbus-broker POSTUN /bin/sh 0 a5c6df9fad5dc4299f6e34e641396d38 *EMPTY*
dbus-broker PREIN /bin/sh 372 338501556f2b62ead456dffbaf767215 Add dbus user/group
dbus-broker PREUN /bin/sh 348 1cadb9eab4b85b409d54fee7920061a1 On removal, Service disable: dbus.service dbus.socket
dbus-common POSTIN /bin/sh 321 3e86716d50c63eb19471aca55d31f0bf On install, Service preset: dbus.socket
dbus-common POSTUN /bin/sh 0 a5c6df9fad5dc4299f6e34e641396d38 *EMPTY*
dbus-common PREUN /bin/sh 332 e7c20b6faa7e7cedb7e95cfa9f1b3081 On removal, Service disable: dbus.socket
dnf POSTIN /bin/sh 162 7d55f4a82946b187e499c62626045736 On install, Service preset: dnf-makecache.timer
dnf POSTUN /bin/sh 165 ba1ca3b9b8497280f2eef7e08ccade81 On upgrade, Service restart: dnf-makecache.timer
dnf PREUN /bin/sh 177 7908d92c79ee9bc5f7795d6191b0de6f On removal, Service disable: dnf-makecache.timer
elfutils-default-yama-scope POSTIN /bin/sh 300 a8f633696b7b3b06d3fb63c1aef58c3f /usr/lib/systemd/systemd-sysctl 10-default-yama-scope.conf
glibc POSTIN glibc post upgrade 0 585ae274ac1e1879191503dde3d02cf3


glibc PREIN <lua> 165 f5158fc818b90baa4702e23bf62bf7cc Check that the running kernel is new enough
grub2-tools PREIN /bin/sh 1045 b73534ed132c871d2dc3e7c09447b231 Lots of grep/sed to alter files.
grubby POSTIN /bin/sh 145 fa180668b681ee3c15fe8f439dcb7443 zipl-switch-to-blscfg
libblkid POSTIN /bin/sh 232 3a98ae14d67ffee8206587130c94deb8 ld and move files from /etc to /run
libgcc POSTIN <lua> 180 37d2c20dad65ba69e8fd0740743addce ld
libgcc POSTUN <lua> 180 37d2c20dad65ba69e8fd0740743addce ld
libsepol POSTIN /bin/sh 70 c931386cc99bea221b1846af81e19593 telinit U
libutempter PREIN /bin/sh 97 7639450dea49b3cc5d3b6602700e9dc7 Add groups: utmp and utempter
p11-kit-trust POSTIN /bin/sh 133 059d437aa22b2cd921b806ef09e666f1 Add alternatives:
p11-kit-trust POSTUN /bin/sh 154 678b3f85fc7216e3959a19e87ecef4d6 On removal, remove alternatives:
setup POSTIN <lua> 211 6c49f22675d74bbf9570667b2db1cfc9 newaliases and Remove files: passwd.rpmnew, shadow.rpmnew, group.rpmnew, gshadow.rpmnew
sssd-client POSTIN /bin/sh 123 fea5a1311202463b642c7bca08eababb Add alternatives: cifs-idmap-plugin
sssd-client PREUN /bin/sh 123 2d2e28e8d2b52cefcda3db0d6f6e74ea On removal, remove alternatives: cifs-idmap-plugin
systemd POSTIN /bin/sh 1124 6485370d97bb015de34674067d6bdd1f systemd-machine-id-setup etc.
systemd PREIN /bin/sh 1359 8713cc720728daf5ad750aaa419726ad Add a bunch of users and groups
systemd PREUN /bin/sh 420 e8d3dc2f3c6f09bb83820711865d51cd On removal, Service disable a bunch of stuff.
systemd-libs POSTIN /bin/sh 1749 7efd0e5ef67fef4f044b6730be9bd7cf Edit passwd, group and hosts lines of nsswitch.conf. If nfsnobody/nobody exists touch /etc/systemd/dont-synthesize-nobody.
systemd-udev POSTIN /bin/sh 1020 d5836298b6c273c80639c8abb3fed0d5 Delete/Move files. udevadm hwdb --update. /usr/lib/systemd/systemd-random-seed save. Keymap HACK. Install systemd-udev*
systemd-udev POSTUN /bin/sh 319 3a857f1167185ca8fc449ce6625dddc2 systemd-udevd.service
systemd-udev PREIN /bin/sh 253 f94f5a55abc66698363e3206cb129cbe groupadd/useradd systemd-timesync
systemd-udev PREUN /bin/sh 262 d429fb83e239b7407c852183a9d714f1 Remove systemd-udev* systemd-timesyncd.service
unbound-libs POSTIN /bin/sh 398 08ada8a6b68e0fcd82b3c10d61ecedeb unbound-anchor.timer
unbound-libs POSTUN /bin/sh 139 30b42316830a0f01057e3098a9f4bcc4 unbound-anchor.timer
unbound-libs PREIN /bin/sh 183 688c111194fb4ce652af9f0f2691e899 groupadd/useradd unbound
unbound-libs PREUN /bin/sh 150 ffafc017b042b92567371d2fd1eee678 unbound-anchor.timer
util-linux POSTIN /bin/sh 774 8320fd5c69b93e600623b1fbd1d9eb86 touch /var/log/lastlog and re-(own/mod/label) it. Create mtab symlink.