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The Fedora Localization Project - Introduce Yourself to the L10N Project

When a new writer/editor/maintainer/coordinator joins the Localization Project, we ask that he/she introduces themselves on the trans mailing list. To sign up for the list, visit trans list signup page. The primary purpose of this is to begin the process of building trust by learning about the translator, and downloading their GPG key.

The purpose of all this is to break anonymity and foster real-world community within the project. You are under no obligation to reveal personal secrets. The objective is to establish a level of trust with yourself and the other members of the project. Then tell us what you would want to know about yourself. :-)

Following is an example of how such an email could look like.

A sample structure


  • Self-Introduction: Dmitry A. Melnikov


  • Name: Dmitry A. Melnikov
  • Inhabitation: Moscow, Russia
  • Login: vanuysboy, En-Ru
  • Job: IT Specialist
  • I'm working for a telecommunication company, Moscow, Russia
  • I'd like to contribute Fedora Project in documentation translation
  • What else I'd like to do are websites, Fedora packages deployment
  • Any project related to Fedora development to the extent it relates to administration and configuration.
  • I first met linux about 5 yrs. ago. What can I say? I'm addicted to it since then.
  • Experience: Web-sites localization, operating systems documentation translation, IT projects, specifications and quotations translation
  • What level and type of computer skills do you have? Linux (different versions) clusters and application servers administration
  • What other skills do you have that might be applicable? User interface design, other so-called soft skills (people skills), programming, etc.
  • GPG KEYID and fingerprint
  • See DocsProject/UsingGpg/CreatingKeys for help and instructions if you don't have a GPG key.
  • Be sure that your GPG key is uploaded to Use "gpg --keyserver --send-key KEYID".
  • Your GPG fingerprint is 40 hexadecimal characters long, while your KEYID is the last 8 digits.
  • Below is an example of a block of text suitable for cut & paste into your self-introduction e-mail.
[warren@computer ~] # gpg --fingerprint 54A2ACF1
pub  1024D/54A2ACF1 2002-11-25 Warren Togami (Linux) <>
Key fingerprint = 785A 304B 08C1 F291 F54F  9A68 6BDD FE8E 54A2 ACF1
sub  2048g/4AD75982 2002-11-25 [expires: 2007-11-24]