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Linux Fest Northwest 2010

Linux Fest Northwest will be held Saturday and Sunday, April 24-25, 2010, at Bellingham Technical College.

Date and Time

  • April 24-25, 2010 (Saturday and Sunday)



  • Details to follow.


  • Details to follow


A FAD will be scheduled for Linux Fest Northwest. Details to follow.

Fedora Speakers/Presenters

Details to follow.

Booth Volunteers

Please add yourself if you're planning to spend at least a little while at the Fedora Booth helping out.

Who Saturday Sunday Comments
Larry Cafiero X X woo hoo!
your name here X X X
your name here X X
your name here X X X


  • Details to follow.


FAD Budget

  • Details to follow

LFNW Budget

  • Details to follow

Blogs and Reports

  • Details to follow

Kid Friendly Activities

  • Details to follow