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The text of some license agreements may be found below. At this time, all license agreements shown are governed by the contractual laws of the State of North Carolina and the intellectual property laws of the United States of America, unless otherwise indicated.

A full list of licenses and how they interact with Fedora is available on the Licensing page.

End User License Agreements

Releases of software from the Fedora Project are covered by an End User License Agreement (EULA).

Fedora End User License Agreement

This Website

We are working on licensing the texts of this website. Texts contributed after 2006-02-19 or by members of the EditGroup are licensed under the terms of the Open Publication License v1.0 without options, except where otherwise noted. All other content is not licensed for copying or redistribution, except where otherwise noted.


All texts from formal Fedora documentation are licensed under the terms of the Open Publication License v1.0 without options. See the Fedora Documentation Licensing FAQ for more information.

The Contributor License Agreement

The purpose of the Contributor License Agreement (CLA) is to establish copyright control under Red Hat, Inc. on behalf of the Fedora Project. By having a single entity hold copyright:

  • It is easier to be more nimble with future relicensing needs
  • That one incorporated entity can handle being sued
  • The project can act singularly on the behalf of all the code and documentation without having to make costly and lengthy research into responses from every copyright holder

All individual contributors to the Fedora Project are required to agree to the Individual Contributor License Agreement and all of their contributions are subject to it.

The Fedora Project Individual Contributor License Agreement

There are degrees of trust associated with the method one agrees to the CLA. Use the CLA Acceptance Hierarchies to figure out what method of agreement matches the type of contribution.