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The Docs Project has approved the change from OPL to CC-BY-SA license for all documentation products including all guides and the wiki. This schedule will provide a timeline for doing this change over.


  • Get new language into Publican for new license. (Rudi?)
  • Communicate with f-devel to notify them of the license change to the wiki.
  • Communicate with all guide leads to make sure all current guides can be switched over within an identified period of time. (Sparks)
  • Provide internal notification of change (blog, announce list) with a time period for the change over (a week?). (ian?)
  • Make necessary changes to the wiki. (ianweller)
  • Make changes to the guides. Rebuild all current versions and push them to docs.fp.o and repos. (All)
  • Verify all current items have been changed. (Sparks/All)
  • Notify CC of the change for their announcement. (Ian)
  • Make official announcement to world/galaxy/universe that we've made the switch to CC-BY-SA. (Ian)
  • Enjoy fruits of our labor.