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Using link tracking is an easy way for us to find out how people are getting to our download page. People might click over to our download page from any of a number of areas, and knowing the relative usage of those links can help us understand what materials we're producing are more effective than others.

Use these links for Fedora 13 release!
The following links are pre-created for you to use in your posts. Right-click the link and choose "Copy link location," then paste the link in your media.
Link Goes to where? Use this link where? F13 Download page Blogs, status, microblogs (, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) Join page Blogs, status, microblogs (, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) F14 Beta Download page Blogs, status, microblogs (, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Adding links

Each link should be constructed by adding ? to the URL, followed by a short code that includes:

  • an indicator for the link source (such as the wiki release notes)
  • an indicator for the Fedora release in specific (such as F38 for the final, or F38a for the Alpha test release)

So a link to get.fp.o from the one-page release notes would become


I want to copy a link to my status update for social networking, or my blog.
If you're posting a status update to, for example, use the link tracking code for status updates. Don't copy a link straight from an announcement that includes link tracking from the announcement. You can copy the link itself but remember to change the portion after the ? to instead use the st code for status updates and blogs, followed by the Fedora release version (such as F39a, F39b, or F39), like this:
I want to point people to the announcement from my blog. Should I use the announcement link tracking code?
The actual URL link itself is the announcement URL. Add the link tracking code for blogs, which would start with ?st and end with the Fedora release version, like this:

The codes

Additions to this table are welcome.
Link source Code
Email announcements an
Wiki announcements wkan
Front page fp
Front page of wiki wkfp
The press release Red Hat makes rhpr rhf
Test phase release notes on wiki wkrn
Official release notes rn
Official installation guide ig
One-page release notes op
Status links (, Twitter, Facebook, etc.),
blog posts, other social networking