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LinuxCon Europe 2012


November 5-7, Hotel Fira Palace in Barcelona, Spain

Event Description

One of the most important Linux conferences in Europe. Organized by The Linux Foundation. Attended mostly by sysadmins, Linux developers, and business ppl.

Event Owners

Ruth Suehle

Fedora Representatives

Event Schedule

The schedule of talks will be published on the conference's website.


What kind of booth do we have?

Currently we have

  • One 4 foundations poster (what size?) (Alvaro)
  • One XO 1.75 (Alvaro)


  • 100 F17 Multi-Desktop live DVDs (Alvaro)
  • some Fedora logo stickers (how many?) (Alvaro)
  • some other stickers (what kind of stickers? how many?) (Alvaro)


Any ideas how to make the Fedora booth special. What are we doing at the North American edition of LinuxCon?

Important Deadlines

Event Budget


Travel Subsidy Requests

Event Reports

  • TBD