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Rooms LinuxTag 2009

We are trying to figure out the hotel situation for LinuxTag 2009.
In 2009 we will handle accomodation in an other way than years before due a lack of budget. A detailed plan will follow soon, how much is sponsored by us.


We are looking for a hotel near the fair like last year the Hollywood Media Hotel Berlin.
I was informed that also Linuxtag himself wants to stay there; so that we'll have "a big bang" by booking there again :-)
I also asked for "free wireless" which is also requested from many Ambassadors stayed there in 2008.


  • List your name, and the nights that you will want a hotel room.
  • Once we have this list, we will be able to determine the final price of the hotel, and also how much of that price Red Hat / Fedora EMEA e.V. will be able to pay to help out the Ambassadors.

Warning.png definitly Registration till 2008-05-17 Warning.png

  • Right now, everyone needs to sign up with a roommate. If there are single rooms available, we will figure out what to do with them.
WikiName monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday double room counts
AndreasRau / GeroldKassube -/x x x x x x double room 5,5
MaxSpevack / PaulFrields x x x x x double room 5


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