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No remixes are supported by or affiliated with the Fedora Project, but the remixes listed in this category are those whose latest releases are based on Fedora releases which are currently supported by the Fedora Project (presently Fedora 33 & Fedora 32).

Berry Linux

  • Latest release: 1.34 (based on Fedora 33)
  • Architecture(s): x86_64
  • Website:
  • Description: "Berry Linux は、精錬されたデザインと使いやすさを重視した CD-ROM / USBメモリ / USB-HDD / HDD から起動できる Linux OS です。高速に起動し、多くのハードウェアを自動認識し、インターネットに接続することができます。動作が安定しており、ウィルスにかかりにくいので安心してネットライフを送ることができます。初めてコンピュータを使用する人でも、Windows しか使ったことのない人でも、使いこなすことができます。DVD の再生 (kaffeine, xine, mplayer) を始め、音楽 (audacious)、映像、画像編集 (GIMP, inkscape) も楽しむことができます。日本語環境にも力を入れており、多彩なフォント、優れた入力エンジン(WHIZ)、文章編集ソフト(が整っています。時代の先端を行く技術を使用しており、次世代 OS を目指します。Fedora と Chrome OS ベースです。"
    [Berry Linux is a Linux OS that can be booted from a CD-ROM / USB flash drive / USB-HDD / HDD, with an emphasis on refined design and ease of use. It boots quickly, automatically recognizes a lot of hardware, and can connect to the Internet. It is stable and not susceptible to viruses, so you can spend your time online with peace of mind. Whether you are new to computers or have only used Windows, you can get the hang of it. You can play DVDs and video (Kaffeine, xine, MPlayer) as well as music (Audacious), edit images (GIMP, Inkscape), etc. It is also focused on the Japanese language, and has a variety of fonts, an excellent input engine (WHIZ), and text editing software ( It uses the latest technology, and is designed to be a next-generation OS. It is based on Fedora and Chrome OS.]

FX64 Linux

  • Latest release: F33 (based on Fedora 33)
  • Architecture(s): x86_64
  • Website:
  • Description: "FX64 Linux is a Fedora 33-based distro. Google Chrome, Java IcedTea, Skype, Viber & RAR preinstalled. Hand-picked essential system, office, multimedia and internet applications. Updates directly from the official Fedora, RPM Fusion repositories. Comes with Cinnamon and Fluxbox. Thousands of free applications for every need directly from the open source community. Clean, lean and feature-rich FREE AS IN BEER experience!"


  • Latest release: F33 (based on Fedora 33)
  • Architecture(s): x86_64
  • Website:,
  • Description: "MontanaLinux has all of the updates that were available on the build date and includes all of the desktop environments (GNOME, KDE, Xfce, LXDE, etc) and managers, with KDE being the default. Also installed are a number of desktop applications (LibreOffice, GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, Dia, etc), as well as third-party stuff from RPM Fusion (VLC, MPlayer, etc) and the Adobe Flash plugin. There are some minimum and single-desktop spins as well."

Network Security Toolkit (NST)

  • Latest release: 32-11992 (based on Fedora 32)
  • Architecture(s): x86_64
  • Website:
  • Description: "This bootable ISO live DVD/USB Flash Drive (NST Live) is based on Fedora. The toolkit was designed to provide easy access to best-of-breed Open Source Network Security Applications and should run on most x86_64 systems. The main intent of developing this toolkit was to provide the security professional and network administrator with a comprehensive set of Open Source Network Security Tools. The majority of tools published in the article: Top 125 Security Tools by INSECURE.ORG are available in the toolkit. An advanced Web User Interface (WUI) is provided for system/network administration, navigation, automation, network monitoring, host geolocation, network analysis and configuration of many network and security applications found within the NST distribution. In the virtual world, NST can be used as a network security analysis validation and monitoring tool on enterprise virtual servers hosting virtual machines."


Remixes included in this category are those whose latest releases are based on Fedora releases which have reached end-of-life (EOL) status; however, the respective remix providers might support these remix releases despite their upstream's EOL status.


  • Latest release: 30-1.0 (based on Fedora 30)
  • Architecture(s): x86_64
  • Website:
  • Description: "Hanthana is a Linux based operating system and a Fedora remix suitable for desktop and laptop users. Hanthana comes to you in the form of a LiveDVD for regular PC (i686 & x86_64 architectures) systems. You can run Hanthana Operating System directly from the LiveDVD and check out each and every feature before installing it on your hard disk."


  • Latest release: 29.1 (based on Fedora 29)
  • Architecture(s): ARM
  • Website:
  • Description: "FedBerry is a Fedora Remix specifically built for use with Raspberry Pi® 2/3 Model B computers."


  • Latest release: 11 (based on Fedora 27)
  • Architecture: x86_64
  • Website:
  • Description: "The Amahi Home Server makes your home networking simple. We like to call the Amahi servers HDAs, for "Home Digital Assistants." Each HDA delivers all the functionality you would want in a home server, while being as easy to use as a web browser."

Qubes OS

  • Latest release: 4.0.4 (based on Fedora 25)
  • Architecture(s): x86_64
  • Website:
  • Description: "Qubes OS is a free and open-source, security-oriented operating system for single-user desktop computing. Qubes OS leverages Xen-based virtualization to allow for the creation and management of isolated compartments called qubes."

IGOS Nusantara (IGN)

[Indonesia, Go Open Source!]

  • Latest release: 12.12 (based on Fedora 24)
  • Architecture(s): x86, x86_64
  • Website:
  • Description: "IGOS Nusantara disingkat IGN adalah sistem operasi dengan perangkat lunak legal, handal dan tanpa membayar lisensi untuk pengguna di Indonesia. IGOS Nusantara dikembangkan oleh Pusat Penelitian Informatika Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia bersama dengan komunitas. IGOS Nusantara secara konsisten dikembangkan sejak tahun 2006. Setiap tahun dikeluarkan versi baru."
    [IGOS Nusantara, abbreviated IGN, is a reliable operating system with legal software, without paying a license for users in Indonesia. IGOS Nusantara is developed by Research Center for Informatics, Indonesian Institute of Sciences along with the community. IGOS Nusantara has been consistently developed since 2006. A new version is released every year.]


  • Latest release: 2.4 (based on Fedora 23)
  • Architecture(s): x86_64
  • Website:
  • Description: "Based on Fedora Linux, VortexBox is a free quick-install ISO that turns your computer into an easy-to-use music server/jukebox/player. Once VortexBox has been loaded on a PC, it will automatically rip CDs to FLAC and MP3 files, ID3 tag the files , and download the cover art. Vortexbox will then serve the files to network media players such as Logitech Squeezebox, Sonos, or Linn. You can also play files directly to a USB attached DAC."


[One Laptop per Child]

  • Latest release: 13.2.11 (based on Fedora 18)
  • Architecture(s): x86, ARM
  • Website:
  • Description: "One Laptop per Child is a non-profit dedicated to improving the education of children all over the world."


Remixes included in this category have been discontinued and are listed for historical purposes only.


  • Latest release: 26 (based on Fedora 26)
  • Architecture(s): x86_64
  • Website:
  • Description: "Korora was born out of a desire to make Linux easier for new users, while still being useful for experts. Originally based on Gentoo Linux in 2005, Korora was re-born in 2010 as a Fedora Remix with tweaks and extras to make the system 'just work' out of the box."