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for older method (namely for Fedora 23) using livecd-tools (livecd-creator) visit
If you simply want to burn a pre-made ISO to a disc, visit to download a LiveCD or LiveDVD, then see the install guide or burning how-to for further instructions.


Install files

  • ksflatten is part of pykickstart
# dnf install mock
# usermod -a -G mock <user>


  • Important


you should always do all work in mock, this will allow you to ensure that the compose environment matches the target environment

to setup a Fedora 26 x86_64 environment you would run the following

$ mock -r fedora-26-x86_64 --init
$ mock -r fedora-26-x86_64 --install lorax-lmc-novirt git vim-minimal pykickstart

if you wanted a different arch or release you would use the correct mock configuration file


inside the mock chroot, clone the kickstarts. If your system is using SELinux it needs to be set to Permissive mode while running lorax.

$ sudo setenforce 0
$ mock -r fedora-26-x86_64 --shell
<mock-chroot> sh-4.3# git clone


change directory into fedora-kickstarts and flatten a kickstart

<mock-chroot> sh-4.3# cd fedora-kickstarts
<mock-chroot> sh-4.3# ksflatten -v, --config fedora-live-soas.ks -o flat-fedora-live-soas.ks --version F26

livemedia-creator example

<mock-chroot> sh-4.3# livemedia-creator --ks flat-fedora-live-soas.ks --no-virt --resultdir /var/lmc --project Fedora-soas-Live --make-iso --volid Fedora-SoaS-26 --iso-only --iso-name Fedora-SoaS-26-x86_64.iso --releasever 26 --title Fedora-SoaS-live --macboot

Make a remix

  • edit the bottom of the flat-fedora-live-soas.ks
that you produced with ksflatten (above)
in this section of the flattened.ks:


add a program (add name)
- delete a program ( put - in front)
put # in front of listed program to not install it


livemedia-creator terminal output

Build takes a long time wait for completion
[root@localhost pagure]# livemedia-creator --ks /home/(user)/Downloads/pagure/flat-fedora-live-soas.ks --no-virt --resultdir /var/lmc --project Fedora-soas-Live --make-iso --volid Fedora-SoaS-f24 --iso-only --iso-name Fedora-SoaS-f24.iso --releasever 24 --title Fedora-SoaS-live --macboot
/usr/lib64/python3.5/ PendingDeprecationWarning: The KSOption class is deprecated and will be removed in pykickstart-3.  Use the argparse module instead.
  option = self.option_class(*args, **kwargs)
2016-07-08 11:27:53,350: disk_size = 5122MiB
2016-07-08 11:27:53,351: disk_img = /var/lmc/lmc-disk-7mztqnci.img
2016-07-08 11:27:58,818: Running anaconda.
2016-07-08 11:28:01,751: Processing logs from ('', 48934)
2016-07-08 11:28:04,776: Starting installer, one moment...
2016-07-08 11:28:04,776: terminal size detection failed, using default width
2016-07-08 11:28:04,776: anaconda 24.13.7-1 for Fedora-soas-Live 24 (pre-release) started.
2016-07-08 11:28:04,776: The 'logging' function is not a part of DNF API and will be removed in the upcoming DNF release. Please use only officially supported API functions. DNF API documentation is available at
2016-07-08 11:29:01,131: Starting automated install........................................................
2016-07-08 11:29:01,146: ================================================================================
2016-07-08 11:50:37,613: Disk Image install successful
2016-07-08 11:50:37,613: working dir is /var/tmp/lmc-work-ey7rlb4p
2016-07-08 12:02:35,166: Rebuilding initrds
2016-07-08 12:02:35,166: dracut args = ['--xz', '--add', 'livenet dmsquash-live convertfs pollcdrom qemu qemu-net', '--omit', 'plymouth', '--no-hostonly', '--debug', '--no-early-microcode']
2016-07-08 12:02:35,167: rebuilding boot/initramfs-4.6.3-300.fc24.x86_64.img
2016-07-08 12:03:57,231: Building boot.iso
2016-07-08 12:03:57,328: running x86.tmpl
2016-07-08 12:04:37,262: Disk image erased
2016-07-08 12:04:37,945: SUMMARY
2016-07-08 12:04:37,945: -------
2016-07-08 12:04:37,946: Logs are in /home/(user)/Downloads/pagure
2016-07-08 12:04:37,946: Results are in /var/lmc

Retrieve finished live.iso

"Results are in /var/lib/mock/<mock config>/root/var/lmc"

  • start files application
  • click on Files system
open /var folder
open lmc folder
  • click on the .....iso you just built

copy to (mouse right click) Home with files application

  • Check that it is in Home

Clean Up

  • delete the instance in /var
delete the /var/lmc directory (cannot run new build unless this is done?)
  • Set SELinux back to Enforcing
[root@localhost pagure]# cd /var
[root@localhost var]# ls
account  adm  cache  crash  db  empty  ftp  games  gopher  kerberos  lib  lmc  local  lock  log  mail  nis  opt  preserve  run  spool  tmp  www  yp
[root@localhost var]# rm -r lmc
rm: descend into directory 'lmc'? y
rm: remove regular file 'lmc/Fedora-SoaS-f24.iso'? y
rm: remove directory 'lmc'? y
[root@localhost var]# setenforce 1