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Fedora Marketing - Flyer

In several events we had a high quality printed flyer to spread to visitors who are interested in Fedora. In our eyes it's very important to have a flyer because it contains the links for the download and it's a good way to let the visitor remember of Fedora after the event. Ideally flyer distribution can be combined with Stickers and Live CDs or DVDs.

Fedora (Version Independent)

Flyer A4 landscape english

Fedora-flyer-ind-en-front.png Fedora-flyer-ind-en-back.png

Source file :

Flyer A4 landscape greek

Fedora-ind-flyer-el-front.png Fedora-ind-flyer-el-back.png

Source file :

Fedora 9

Flyer A4 landscape greek

Fedora-9-flyer-el-front.png Fedora-9-flyer-el-back.png

Source file :

Fedora 8

Flyer A4 landscape english

Marketing Flyer flyer01.png Marketing Flyer flyer02.png

Source file :

Flyer A5 landscape german

Creator: FabianAffolter (with help from SandroMathys and RolandWolters)

Marketing Flyer flyer next f8-Seite1.png Marketing Flyer flyer next f8-Seite2.png
Marketing Flyer flyer next f8-Seite3.png Marketing Flyer flyer next f8-Seite4.png

Source file : rebuild version File:Marketing Flyer flyer f8 d.tar.gz (Scribus)

Fedora Electronic Laboratory

Creator: ChitleshGoorah

Marketing Flyer fel01.png Marketing Flyer fel02.png

PDF: File:Marketing Flyer fel-flyer8.pdf

Fedora 7

Flyer landscape englisch

Creator: HishamAbdelMagid

Marketing Flyer F7 GITEX Sign Ar .jpg

Flyer landscape arabic

Creator: HishamAbdelMagid

Marketing Flyer F7 GITEX Sign En .jpg

Fedora Core 6

Flyer A4 landscape english

Creator: MohdIzharFirdaus

Marketing Flyer fc6 front.png Marketing Flyer fc6 back.png

Source file: File:Marketing Flyer fedora-flyer.odt