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Fedora Marketing - Flyer

At the LinuxTag 2007 we had a high quality printed flyer to spread to visitors who are interested in Fedora. In our eyes it's very important to have a flyer because it contains the links for the download and it's a good way to let the visitor remember of Fedora after the event.

Fedora (Version Independent)

Flyer A4 landscape greek

Fedora-ind-flyer-el-front.png Fedora-ind-flyer-el-back.png

Source file :

Fedora 9

Flyer A4 landscape greek

Fedora-9-flyer-el-front.png Fedora-9-flyer-el-back.png

Source file :

Fedora 8

Flyer A4 landscape english

Marketing Flyer flyer01.png Marketing Flyer flyer02.png

Source file :

Flyer A5 landscape german

Creator: FabianAffolter (with help from SandroMathys and RolandWolters)

Marketing Flyer flyer next f8-Seite1.png Marketing Flyer flyer next f8-Seite2.png
Marketing Flyer flyer next f8-Seite3.png Marketing Flyer flyer next f8-Seite4.png

Source file : rebuild version File:Marketing Flyer flyer f8 d.tar.gz (Scribus)

Fedora Electronic Laboratory

Creator: ChitleshGoorah

Marketing Flyer fel01.png Marketing Flyer fel02.png

PDF: File:Marketing Flyer fel-flyer8.pdf

Fedora 7

Flyer landscape englisch

Creator: HishamAbdelMagid

Marketing Flyer F7 GITEX Sign Ar .jpg

Flyer landscape arabic

Creator: HishamAbdelMagid

Marketing Flyer F7 GITEX Sign En .jpg

Fedora Core 6

Flyer A4 landscape englisch

Creator: MohdIzharFirdaus

Marketing Flyer fc6 front.png Marketing Flyer fc6 back.png

Source file: File:Marketing Flyer fedora-flyer.odt (OpenOffice)