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Artwork ArtTeamProjects WikiDesign ArtTeamN1.png

Getting Marketing Collateral Produced

See the swag vendors page.

Marketing Collateral Designs

Some of the more recent designs can be found in the Fedora Design Team's repository.


Artwork T(2d)Shirt fudcon-boston-2008-1 design.png

T-Shirt designs get their own page. :)


Fedora Buttons

Fedora-button plain-preview.png

This design was prepared using the 1.5" button template made available from | Máirín Duffy has had a good experience with this Ohio-based company. If you are looking to get buttons produced quickly and cheaply they are a good bet. They should be able to accept either PDF or TIF (provided below).

If you are asked for spot colors by the printer, you can tell them the lighter blue is Pantone 2935, and the darker blue is Pantone 541. Alternatively, the CMYK values for each are 100/46/0/0 for the light blue and 100/57/0/38 for the dark blue.

Fedora-button 4f.png

A "4-f" version of the "plain" button, available only as SVG source, as my Scribus do not like me or the above template.

Fedora four fs.png

"4-Fs" vertical version of the button, available as File:Fedora four fs.svg

Fedora four fs shift.png

"4-Fs" shifted version of the button, available as File:Fedora four fs.svg

Fedora CD/DVD Label

Nicu Buculei has put together a nice set of artwork for Fedora CDs available at his website .

A page to host various graphics for CD/DVD was created: CD Art section

Fedora Stickers

GiacomoSucci create some stickers idea for Fedora.

All the critics/comments are appreciate! Click on the images for a bigger version.

Artwork MarketingCollateral FedoraStickers Generic 1.png Artwork MarketingCollateral FedoraStickers Generic 2.png Artwork MarketingCollateral FedoraStickers F8 1.png
File:Artwork MarketingCollateral FedoraStickers Generic 1.svg SVG source File:Artwork MarketingCollateral FedoraStickers Generic 2.svg SVG Source File:Artwork MarketingCollateral FedoraStickers F8 1.svg SVG source

Fedora stickers by NicuBuculei:

Artwork MarketingCollateral poweredby sticker classic.png Artwork MarketingCollateral poweredby sticker.png Artwork MarketingCollateral poweredby sticker mono.png Artwork MarketingCollateral poweredby sticker fancy.png Artwork MarketingCollateral poweredby sticker blue.png Artwork MarketingCollateral poweredby sticker dark.png
Artwork MarketingCollateral poweredby sticker classic.svg SVG source File:Artwork MarketingCollateral poweredby sticker.svg SVG source File:Artwork MarketingCollateral poweredby sticker mono.svg SVG source File:Artwork MarketingCollateral poweredby sticker fancy.svg SVG source File:Artwork MarketingCollateral poweredby sticker blue.svg SVG source File:Artwork MarketingCollateral poweredby sticker dark.svg SVG source

Sticker Kit by Nicu Buculei

Either print the small version on an A6 adhesive paper or print four of them on an A4 sheet, cut in quarters and give to users to cut themselves the individual pieces:

Artwork MarketingCollateral fedora kit a6.png
300dpi PNG
Artwork MarketingCollateral fedora kit a6.svg
SVG source

Sticker Speech Bubbles Kit by Máirín Duffy

Here are the Fedora Speech Bubbles by Máirín Duffy:

Artwork MarketingCollateral speech-bubbles.png
300dpi PNG
Artwork MarketingCollateral speech-bubbles.png
300dpi PNG
File:Artwork MarketingCollateral speech-bubbles.svg
SVG source

File:Artwork MarketingCollateral speech-bubbles.svg
SVG source

Various web graphics

Userbars (350x19) for web forums signature

By NicuBuculei (with an F8 "Infinity" look & feel):

Artwork MarketingCollateral userbar fedora user.png Artwork MarketingCollateral userbar fedora developer.png Artwork MarketingCollateral userbar fedora ambassador.png


General Purpose Re-usable Fedora Poster Designs

Artwork MarketingCollateral fedora-posters-all-thumb.png

Artwork MarketingCollateral fedora-poster-infinity.png

File:Artwork MarketingCollateral fedora-poster-infinity.svg Source SVG]

Artwork MarketingCollateral fedora-poster-freedom.png

File:Artwork MarketingCollateral fedora-poster-freedom.svg Source SVG]

Artwork MarketingCollateral fedora-poster-voice.png

File:Artwork MarketingCollateral fedora-poster-voice.svg Source SVG]

Freedom1 2.png

Freedom4 2.png

Art Team Posters

Here is a poster for the fedora art team. By RyanLerch

Artwork MarketingCollateral artteamposter thumb.png

Artwork MarketingCollateral artteamposter.png PNG] File:Artwork MarketingCollateral artteamposter.svgz SVGz]

Fisl Brasil Posters

Here are the posters used during the 9th FISL in Porto Alegre-RS, Brazil on 04/17/2008, and the text says: "The free community in Brazil". By JaymeAyres

Artwork MarketingCollateral fedora banner 2008Fisl thumb.png

File:Artwork MarketingCollateral fedora banner 2008Fisl.svg SVG Source]

Fedora Slide Templare

I create a template for the Fedora "institutional" Slide. by SamueleStorari Download here: File:Fedora-template.otp

Fedora Live USB Creation Station