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This is a list of publications of interest that produce Linux-related stories. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the news distribution network. Please keep it up to date with contacts in your language.

Print Publications

English language

Linux Format

Website:: Circulation:: ? Contacts:: Paul Hudson - [[MailTo(paul DOT hudson AT futurenet DOT co DOT uk)]

Linux Journal

Website:: Circulation:: 40k retail Contacts:: Jill Franklin - [[MailTo(jill AT linuxjournal DOT com)]

Linux Magazine

Website:: Circulation:: ? Contacts::
Joe Brockmeier -- [[MailTo(jbrockmeier AT linux DASH mag DOT com)]

Linux Pro Magazine (Linux Magazine outside USA)

Website:: (outside USA, Circulation:: ? Contacts:: Joe Casad - [[MailTo(edit AT linux DASH magazine DOT com)]

This magazine is the leader in many European markets.

Linux For You Magazine

Website:: Circulartion:: ? Contacts:: Rahul Chopra, Editor -- [[MailTo(rahul AT efyindia DOT com)]

Linux User and Developer

Website:: Circulation:: ? Contacts:: Maggie Meer - [[MailTo(maggie AT linuxuser DOT co DOT uk)]

German language

Heise Media (iX, cT Magazines)

Website:: Circulation:: ? contacts:: Thorsten Leemhuis [[MailTo(thl AT ct DOT heise DOT de)]

Online Publications

English language

Ars Technica

Website:: Contact::

Desktop Linux

Website:: Contacts:: [[MailTo(desktoplinux AT ziffdavisenterprise DOT com)]


Website:: Contacts:: Ladislav Bodnar - [[MailTo(distro AT distrowatch DOT com)]


Website:: Corporate Headquarters:: InfoWorld Media Group
501 Second Street
San Francisco, CA 94107 Contact::
Feedback - [[MailTo(feedback AT infoworld DOT com)]
Letters to the Editor - [[MailTo(letters AT infoworld DOT com)]

Linux +

Website:: Contacts:: [[MailTo(karolina DOT lesinska AT lpmagazine DOT org)]

Linux Medical News

Website:: Contact::

Linux Today

Website:: Contacts:: [[MailTo(marketing AT jupitermedia DOT com)]

Linux Weekly News

Website:: Contacts:: [[MailTo(lwn AT lwn DOT net)]

Linux World

Website:: Contacts:: Don Marti -- [[MailTo(dmarti AT linuxworld DOT com)]

NewsForge /

Websites:: Articles Submission:: Contact:: [[MailTo(editors AT linux DOT com)]

O3 Magazine

Website:: Contacts:: ?


Website:: Contact::
[[MailTo(osnews-crew AT osnews DOT com)]



Website:: Contacts:: ?


Website:: Contacts:: ?