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This page is Fedora Medical SIG's COVID-19 page.

As the COVID-19 is of many people's interest, the page is created for people who want to contribute or do RPM packaging.


=== Focusing projects

We list up the COVID-19 analysis focusing projects. This is a a top-down approach to find the areas.

Projects used in COVID-19

We list up the projects used in the COVID-19. This is a bottom-up approach to find the areas.


nf-core is a collection of Nextflow pipelines. We refer it to see the actual analysis workflow to identify the used bio tools projects.

Talking people in the project, nf-core/nanoseq, nf-core/artic and nf-core/viralrecon are primarily important.

Following pipelines could be certainly relevant.

As almost any molecular biology technique can be used to look into some aspect of COVID-19, virtually all the nf-core pipeline can be relevant.

Packages list

Distributed Computing

The distributed computing projects are to enable people to help COVID-19 analysis by their computer resources.

Open Hardware

According to [

this article], there are open source hardware projects related to
  • Ventilator
  • Llabware, consumables, reagents
  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) device