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This page is Fedora Medical SIG's COVID-19 page.

As the COVID-19 is of many people's interest, the page is created for people who want to contribute or do RPM packaging.


Focusing projects

We list up the COVID-19 analysis focusing projects. This is a a top-down approach to find the areas.

Projects used in COVID-19

We list up the projects used in the COVID-19. This is a bottom-up approach to find the areas.


nf-core is a collection of analysis pipelines built using Nextflow. We refer it to see the actual analysis workflow to identify the used bio tools projects. Podman is supported as one of the container workflows according to this page.

Talking people in the project, nf-core/nanoseq, nf-core/artic and nf-core/viralrecon are primarily important.

Following pipelines could be certainly relevant.

As almost any molecular biology technique can be used to look into some aspect of COVID-19, virtually all the nf-core pipeline can be relevant.

Packages list

Distributed Computing

The distributed computing projects are to enable people to help COVID-19 analysis by their computer resources.

Open Hardware

According to this article, there are open source hardware projects related to

  • Ventilator
  • Llabware, consumables, reagents
  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) device