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quaid <meeting> 12:04
quaid :) 12:04
quaid no, I got lost and never made it to the agenda this morning 12:04
quaid it's essentially the same 12:04
quaid I was hoping ianweller_afk and G might be here, but I think their thuoghts are well known 12:05
quaid about wiki page naming 12:05
quaid but I think we need a compromise, I think I know what it has to be, and it is not that great but not terrible. 12:05
couf G is on IRC-break 12:05
-!- ke4qqq_ [] has joined #fedora-docs 12:05
quaid couf: as an action to protect his life and sanity? or just AFK? 12:06
couf the former 12:06
-!- ke4qqq [] has quit [Nick collision from services.] 12:06
-!- ke4qqq_ is now known as ke4qqq 12:06
-!- MegaCoder [] has quit ["Leaving."] 12:07
quaid ok 12:07
quaid well, like I said, opinion known, etc. :) 12:07
quaid ok, so here's my agenda, any additions? 12:09
quaid 1. finish wiki page naming 12:09
quaid 2. scope package guidelines changes 12:09
couf I'm is totally out the loop, but I guess you guys made some good arguments and can make a good decision about it 12:09
quaid 3. double-check on release deadlines 12:09
quaid 4. ?? 12:10
quaid couf: 17 < quaid> overholt: can you refresh me on what came from talks with JPackage and Fedora? 12:10
quaid ... 12:10
quaid sorry, bad paste 12:10
quaid 12:10
quaid couf: that's the discussion we had, worth a catch up on 12:10
quaid ok, if we have any other agenda items ... 12:11
couf quaid: thanks 12:11
ke4qqq quaid can we add Example_wiki_page to the agenda 12:11
quaid ke4qqq: thx 12:12
-!- denise [n=ddumas@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)] 12:14
-!- Sonar_Guy [n=Who_Know@fedora/sonarguy] has joined #fedora-docs 12:14
* stickster gets off phone with mgr 12:15
couf we can move to -meeting if we want to 12:15
stickster yeah, what couf said ^^ 12:16
-!- denise [n=ddumas@nat/redhat/x-cb3ab6211b37d149] has joined #fedora-docs 12:17
quaid </meeting action="move_to_-meeting"> 12:18

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