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(Removed proposed list of packages, since these are all now packaged.)
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  hg clone
  hg clone
== Proposed list of packages ==
* binutils
* GCC (ie. mingw)
* [ libxml2]
* [ GnuTLS]
* [ PortableXDR]
* [ libvirt]
== External links ==
== External links ==

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MinGW Special Interest Group


The mission of the MinGW SIG is to provide a cross-compiler and common libraries so that Fedora users can cross-compile software for Windows.


There is no mailing list at present. Please use fedora-devel-list for now.

IRC: #fedora-mingw on FreeNode



Draft packaging guidelines for this SIG.

Repository for packages in development (before acceptance into Fedora). To check this out, do:

hg clone

External links