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The Fedora Mindshare Committee represents the outreach leadership in Fedora. Mindshare aims to help outreach teams to reach their targets in a more effective way, by unifying and sharing their working process through an optimized and standardized communication. It consists of mostly appointed, but also elected members.

To learn more about the Mindshare Committee, please read more on our documentation page. This wiki page is intended as a place for frequently-changing information, like meetings.

Current members

  • Elected Representative: Jared Smith (jsmith) (f27-f28)
  • Elected Representative: Sumantro Mukherjee (sumantrom) (f28-f29)
  • FCAIC: Brian Exelbierd (bex)
  • Ambassador Representative: FAmA Robert Mayr (robyduck) - ad interim
  • Ambassador Representative: FAmA Nick Bebout (nb) - ad interim
  • Marketing Representative: Eduard Lucena (x3mboy)
  • CommOps Representative: Justin W. Flory (jflory7)
  • Design & Web Representative: Maria Leonova (mleonova)
  • Docs Representative: Brian Exelbierd (bex) - ad interim

Contact info

Mailing lists

The Mindshare Committee uses two mailing lists: a regular discussion list and an announcement-only mailing list.

mindshare is a public discussion list. This is the main discussion point for the Mindshare Committee. The goal of the list is to either reach a decision or delegate a thread to a more appropriate location.

mindshare-announce is a low-traffic, announcement-only mailing list. This list is used for occasional updates, news, and announcements from the Committee. Posting privileges are limited to Mindshare Committee members. Consider subscribing to this list if you want to stay informed about ongoing activities within the Mindshare Committee.

IRC / Telegram

Mindshare Committee members are present in the #fedora-mindshare IRC channel on the Freenode IRC network. This IRC channel is also bridged to a Telegram group for convenience. Messages are synchronized between the two. Telegram users can join here.


The Mindshare Committee operates in a ticket-based workflow. If you have an issue or task for the Mindshare Committee, open a ticket on the Pagure instance. This is a public issue tracker. If you have a privacy- or security-sensitive issue, check the Private box when creating the ticket.


The Fedora Mindshare Committee does hold regular public IRC meetings to discuss current issues, to clear through anything outstanding which can be quickly resolved, and to ensure that nothing important is left in limbo. All members are be expected to regularly communicate what's going on in their area, through blog posts or other public updates.