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Working Group Self-Nominations

Nomination period
Nominations will close on April 18, 2016 00:00 UTC. If you want to self-nominate, please have your name entered below before that time.

To volunteer to serve on the Fedora Modularity Working Group, simply add yourself below, along with a brief description of your current involvement with Fedora and plans for participation in this group. Note that this will be a highly technical working group. We're looking particularly (but not exclusively) for representation from the previous Environments & Stacks and Base WGs, Release Engineering, Infrastructure, Quality Assurance, and the Security Team.

See the the devel-list annoucement and Objectives/Fedora Modularization, Prototype Phase for background on what this is all about.

  • Langdon White - Fedora Council member, Modularity Objective Lead, application developer, architect, manager, etc. I want to make Fedora more welcoming and usable by separating the lifecycles of applications from the OS.
  • Josh Boyer - Fedora Council and FESCo member, general Fedora nosy person. I want to make sure Langdon doesn't break Fedora completely. More seriously, I want to make sure modularity is usable and useful outside of just composing the OS itself.
  • Mike DePaulo - Packager & ambassador. SysAdmin by day. I like having the freedom to install any version of any application I want. That may not be 100% achievable, but I am passionate about working towards that goal.
  • real-name - < some remarks about your background />. < why modularity is interesting for you or what you hope to accomplish />.