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The phase for name suggestions is over. Please do not add further suggestions to the list. To everyone who added a name already, thank you for your contribution!


This page contains community suggestions for the Fedora 20 release name. All submissions must meet the guidelines for release names.

Spherical Cow → Schrödinger's Cat → <new name>? Schrödinger's Cat is a <blank>, and so is <new name>.

The link between Spherical Cow and Schrödinger's Cat was "A spherical cow is a theoretical thought experiment, and so is Schrödinger's Cat." The link between Schrödinger's Cat and the new name must be different than that link, and different from any other previous link.

General links automatically rejected
General links such as "is a word" or "is a location", while technically within the scope of the rules, will most certainly be rejected by the Fedora Board. Remember, the goal is to come up with a creative link to Schrödinger's Cat. The following links will also likely be rejected:
  • Names of living people
  • Well-known trademarks
Please try to find a truly original and obscure link!

Naming Schedule

  • Name collection: May 15 - May 22
  • List to Fedora Board for review: May 22 - May 29
  • Legal Review of Board approved names: May 29 - June 05
  • Community vote on final name: June 08 - June 15
  • Name announced: Before June 22

Name Suggestions

Please read carefully.
The instructions below will help prevent some suggestions from being eliminated early.

How to use this table

  1. Come up with a name idea. Put the name in the first column.
  2. Determine whether it passes the "is-a" test. You must be able to truthfully complete the sentence "Schrödinger's Cat is a <...>, and so is <YOUR_NAME>." The link to the new name cannot be the same as the link from Spherical Cow to Schrödinger's Cat, nor any other previous link. Mark the link in the appropriate column, such as "type of chemical reaction," "deep-sea organism."
    • Don't choose obvious links, because they usually result in uninteresting names.
    • Don't choose very general names or unclear links.
    • Don't choose names of living people, or well-known trademarks.
    • Do choose obscure links to interesting things, which makes for a better name.
    • Do avoid all previous links wherever possible.
    • Do make sure there are at least a couple of ways to link out of the new name to the next name -- and they must be unique too!
  3. Use Google to search for possible trademark collisions. First search for the term itself along with "+software", and then broaden your search to include "+computer", "+hardware", "+technology", "+IT", and so on. Do not skimp on this step.
    • If you find a collision, it is best to find another name. Names that cause collisions will be eliminated by Red Hat's Legal department and thus waste their time, which is a valuable commodity for Fedora. Help us maximize their effectiveness by weeding out names that are trademarks of other entities, especially those in the IT industry.
    • If the collision is outside the IT/computing market, you can still submit the name but you should note the collision in the "Tested" column, and include a link to the site where the collision was found.
    • If you find no collisions, make that notation in the "Tested" column.
  4. Do not mark the themeable column. This is reserved for the Fedora design team, who will be creating the theme.
  5. Do not mark the approval columns. These are reserved for the approval authorities such as the Board and Red Hat Legal.

Suggestion Table

Name "Is a..." Tested Initial Approval Comments Themeable Board Approved Legal Approved !
Black Widow Schrödinger's cat is an animal associated with death and so is a black widow. Collision with BlackWidow by SoftByte Labs, a web-site scanner (see - no warranty for links), and a joystick by Speedlink.
Fail fail
Conflicts with existing software projects/companies
Blue Moon Schrödinger's cat is a rarely observed phenomenon which has been described in a work published in 1935 and so is the blue moon. Collisions are the famous song, bluemoon software ( and Blue Moon Technologies (, but because of the general meaning of the word and its good themeability I suggest it nevertheless. Might have to see what the legal department says. No warranty for links.
Fail fail
Conflicts with existing software projects/companies
Catarina Schrödinger's Cat is the cat of a famous person, and so is Catarina. Yes
Fail fail
Conflicts with an existing software project
Catarina was Edgar Allan Poe's pet cat and the inspiration for his story The Black Cat. Yes, something a bit darker than our usual maybe, to echo on Poe's themes?
Chateaubriand Schrödinger's cat is an edible object with thirteen characters and so is Châteaubriand. Yes. Link is tenuous at best. Need to revisit. See A problem with Chateaubriand is clearly themeability. Instead of using the actual food, it is advisable to visualize Château de Combourg (where François-René de Chateaubriand spent his childhood) and its scenic surroundings as can be seen on or his historical circumstances (he was directly involved with Napoleon, Louis XVIII and Romanticism in French literature). No warranty for links.
Cherry Ice Cream Schrödinger's cat is food [for the mind] and so is cherry ice cream [for the soul]. Yes.
Pass pass
Despite of being food, this should be themeable: Imagine a sundae on a table with a parasol in a European street cafe in mild blue colours with a salient red cherry on top.
Deep Sea Lab Schrödinger's cat is a scientific tool to explore a hidden area of this world and so is a deep sea lab. Yes.
Pass pass
"Is a" link is somewhat strange
Should match Fedora's blue palette rather well with tons of interesting things to visualize: Corals, the lab itself, divers, fishes, whales, sunken ships, air bubbles and so on.
Doppelgänger Schrödinger's Cat is a character in a parallel universe, and so is Doppelgänger.
Fail fail
Conflicts with an existing software project
In the many-worlds interpretation of the "Schrödinger's cat" paradox, every event is a branch point. The cat is both alive and dead, but the "alive" and "dead" cats are in different branches of the universe.
Lateral Schrödinger's Cat was in a box, lateral thinking is "out of the box".
Fail fail
Fails the "is a" test
Glados Cake Schrödinger's Cat was a science discussion that could not be proven or disproven, Glados Cake is a Science Fiction / Video Gaming object which has not been proven or disproven to date. The obvious collision is that GLaDOS, the Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System, is a fictional AI from the Valve games Portal (2007) and Portal 2 (2011) and the cake is a main story element referred to in both games. Need to revisit
Golan Heights Schrödinger's Cat is a superposition of states, so are the Golan Heights. "Is a" link is weak due to reliance on double entendre; highly political
Heisenbug Schrödinger's Cat is a paradox where the object changes state when studied, and so is a Heisenbug.
Pass pass
Heisenbug is a computer programming jargon term for a software bug that seems to disappear or alter its behavior when one attempts to study it.
Magic Violin Schrödinger's Cat was new in 1935, so was "The Magic Violin", an opera from Werner Egk, beiing first performed on May 22. Yes
Fail fail
Conflicts with an existing software project
Clouded Leopard Schrödinger's Cat is a vulnerable cat, so is the Clouded Leopard Yes
Fail fail
"Is a" link is loose; likely to conflict with OS X naming scheme
Brownian ratchet Schrödinger's Cat is a thought experiment , so is the Brownian ratchet
Fail fail
Thought experiment was the F18-F19 link and cannot be reused.
Fail fail
"Is a" link already used in Fedora 19
Jesse James Schrödinger's Cat is something that was wanted, whether dead or alive. So was Jesse James
Fail fail
Conflicts with existing software projects/companies, numerous living people
Virus Schrödinger's Cat is neither alive nor dead. Neither are virii.
Fail fail
Conflicts with an existing video game; relation to malware makes it undesirable for an operating system
Tilted ball Schrödingers cat is related to a situation, which cannot be determined and so is Tilted ball.
Fail fail
Fails the "is a" test -- what "tilted ball" refers to is unclear
Hulk The life of Schrödinger's Cat is deeply affected by potential radioactive decay. So was Bruce Banner's. Collision with comic strip, movies, video games and TV series.
Fail fail
Conflicts with existing games and other media
Big Whoop Schrödinger's cat is a famous, influential thing of deep power and immense value and so is big whoop. A treasure in the game Monkey Island was named Big Whoop.
Fail fail
Conflicts with an existing software company
Superego Schrödinger's Cat is a theoretical concept from a Vienna native, as is the superego.
Pass pass
Österreich Schrödinger's Cat has an o umlaut, so does Österreich "Is a" link okay; need someone with German fluency to check for conflicts

Österreich ist the german name for the country "Austria". This could never be patented. Surely it is part of many company's names, like AT&T contains "America". I do not see any patent danger. At your command: There is a newspaper called Österreich published by "Mediengruppe „Österreich“ GmbH", "Österreich" and "von Österreich" are Austrian surnames, some companies have it in their name, e.g. "Firma Schulz Österreich GmbH", "Architekten Österreich Immobilien Österreich Bauträger Firmenrepräsentanz Österreich OEC ZT GmbH" and "Alto Österreich Gmbh" - all medium sized businesses, not too much in the IT sector as far as I can see.
Prometheus Schrödinger's cat is a conscious being that brought great insight to humanity as is Prometheus. Collision to movie and Prometheus Research ( - no warranty for links).
Fail fail
Conflicts with existing software projects/companies
Fedora Twenty Schrödinger's Cat is a two-word name, so is Fedora Twenty.
Fail fail
Fails the "is a" test due to self-referencing
Moose A cat is a cute, fuzzy mammal as is a moose.
Fail fail
Conflicts with existing software projects/companies
We might could toss in a squirrel, as well
Soft Kitty Kitty is a cat as Schrödinger's, both are named often in The Big Bang Theory series
Pass pass
"Is a" link is acceptable if reworded appropriately
Heathcliff Schrödinger's cat is a famous cat, so is Heathcliff Collision with comic strip and TV series featuring the character.
Fail fail
Conflicts with an existing software project
Vegas Schrödinger's cat is a spectacular attraction and so is Vegas. Collisions with the video editing software Sony Vegas and the Las Vegas Computer Pro Techs ( - no warranty for links).
Fail fail
"Is a" link's reference to the cat as a spectacular attraction is invalid; conflicts with existing software projects/companies
Green Clover Schrödinger is an Irish citizen, so is the green clover
Illuminatus ...trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson, Already the name of a software product ( albeit no longer on the market )
eigenstate Schrödinger's Cat is a theoretical physics concept, and so is eigenstate. As an eigenstate represents a moving particle in an instant of time, so Fedora 20 is a snapshot of a dynamic distribution.
The Cloud {Schrödinger's cat, The Cloud} is an oft-misunderstood concept.
Quantum Suicide Schrödinger's Cat is an evil plan to activate an infernal weapon based on a physical property deliberately jeopardizing the life of a mammal to illustrate a physical ramification and so is Quantum Suicide which "kills" a scientist, not a cat, with a cannon, not poison gas, based on the spin value of protons, not radioactive decay, in order to illustrate the difference between the Copenhagen interpretation and the many-worlds interpretation, not superposition transferred to a macroscopic scale. Yes. But: This link is close to the thought experiment link used in F18-19, even though much more elaborate and it stays in quantum mechanics. Taking that into consideration, I still chose to suggest it, because the name is cool, unique and allows for abstract artwork, but be aware of those aspects. The name could also be altered to Quantum Immortality, which is almost the same concept (see Wikipedia).
Quark {Schrödinger's cat, Quark} is a concept pertaining to quantum mechanics. Already the name of a software company ( quarkxpress )
Amiable Zombie Schrödinger's Cat is dead and alive at the same time, and so is Amiable Zombie.
Chiral Compound Schrödinger's Cat is a theory about two opposite outcomes belonging to the same entity, and so are chiral compounds
Secret Alien Artifact Schrödinger's cat is an instance of high technical sophistication and so is a secret alien artifact. Yes.
Infinite Monkey Schrödinger's Cat is an animal theoretically mistreated by scientists, and so is Infinite Monkey. Not sure Infinite Monkey Studios
Maxwell's demon Schrödinger's Cat is an imaginary creature named after a physicist and trapped in boxes, and so is Maxwell's demon. Checkmark.png This name was rejected for Fedora 19 by Peter Robertson, because it collides with a computer game.
the Doctor Schrödinger's Cat is in a box and is related to time and space, the Doctor is in an (blue) box and is related to time and space. an english society is called doctorsoftware ( Doctor Who is the oldest SF TV show in the world. As a Time Lord, the Doctor has travel everywhere and everytime Very easily
Penrose Schrödinger's Cat is a paradox, and so are Penrose objects (a penrose triangle or staircase) penrose is the name of a existing software of Red Hat and maybe other ( ) Penrose objects suggest "infinity" as does the official Fedora logo
Poltergeist Schrödinger's cat is a mysterious creature between life and death and so is a poltergeist. Collision to horror movie trilogy, a roller coaster, a band and an album.
Félicette Schrödinger's Cat is an animal of science, so is Félicette, the first cat in space Cats and (space) science are among the most popular memes. Félicette made it into space 50 years ago (might be interesting to adjust the Fedora release to her anniversary).
Tesla's Pigeon Schrödinger's Cat is an unreal being so is Tesla's Pigeon. Yes Tesla liked pigeons and claimed he saw a pigeon shooting lasers out of its eyes which sounds unreal.
Möbius Strip Schrödinger's Cat is a paradox, and so is Möbius Strip
Bastet Schrödinger's Cat is a historical symbolic cat figure, and so is Bastet. , collision with a software for veterinary clinic ( ) Bastet was the Egyption cat goddess, the perfumed protector fighting vermin. Yes, an Egyption cat theme.
Fairytale Schrödinger's Cat experiment did't happened in the real life, so is a fairytale. potential collision with
Eyjafjallajökull Schrödinger's Cat is great umlauted name for Fedora release, and so is Eyjafjallajökull.
Spooky rabbit Schrödinger's Cat is an animal witch state is uncertain, and so is a spooky rabbit. is a comics website
Wanderlust Schrödinger's cat is a concept with a German ring to it that contains an immanent intention of breaking free and getting away. So is Wanderlust. Collision to an e-mail client for Emacs.
Skeptical crow Schrödinger's Cat is a paradox, and so is a skeptical crow. Yes
Scared Canary Schrödinger's Cat is a terrified cat, and so is a scared canary. Yes
Manhattan Schrödinger's Cat is the name associated to a scientific project. Manhattan is a name associated to the Project Manhattan also a scientific project. Collision with Note "Manhattan" was also the Red Hat Linux 5.1 release name.

Uh, isn't that grounds for rejection? Reusing existing release names is not a good idea. --Kkofler (talk) 22:21, 22 May 2013 (UTC)

Santa Claus Schrödinger's Cat does not exist (or exists, who knows), and so is also Santa Claus
Pass pass