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Fedora uses the freenode IRC network for it's IRC communications. If you want to make a new Fedora Related IRC Channel, please follow the following guidelines.

Contact Information

Owner: Fedora Infrastructure Team

Contact: #fedora-admin

Location: freenode

Servers: none

Purpose: Provides a channel for Fedora contributors to use.

Is a new channel needed?

First you should see if one of the existing Fedora channels will meet your needs. Adding a new channel can give you a less noisy place to focus on something, but at the cost of less people being involved. If you topic/area is development related, perhaps the main #fedora-devel channel will meet your needs?

Adding new channel

  • Make sure the channel is in the #fedora-* namespace. This allows the Fedora Group Coordinator to make changes to it if needed.
  • Found the channel. You do this by /join #channelname, then /msg chanserv register #channelname
  • Setup GUARD mode. This allows ChanServ to be in the channel for easier management: /msg chanserv set #channel GUARD on
  • Add Some other Operators/Managers to the access list. This would allow them to manage the channel if you are asleep or absent.

/msg chanserv access #channel add NICK manager


/msg chanserv access #channel add NICK op

You may want to consider adding some or all of the folks in #fedora-ops who manage other channels to help you with yours. You can see this list with /msg chanserv access #fedora-ops list

  • Set default modes. /msg chanserv set mlock #channel +Ccnt (The t for topic lock is optional if your channel would like to have people change the topic often).
  • If your channel is of general interest, add it to the main communicate page of IRC Channels, and possibly announce it to your target audience.
  • You may want to request zodbot join your channel if you need it's functions. You can request that in #fedora-admin.

Recovering/fixing an existing channel

  • If there is an existing channel in the #fedora-* namespace that has a missing founder/operator, please contact the Fedora Group Coordinator: User:Spot and request it be reassigned. Follow the above procedure on the channel once done so it's setup and has enough operators/managers to not need reassiging again.