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The Ohio Linuxfest is scheduled for September 29-30 2017 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Columbus, Ohio

Date and time

September 29-30, 2017.

Why Does FEDORA Attend Ohio Linux Fest

Ohio Linux Fest covers a region that spans from Indiana through West Virginia on the east coast. We as Ambassadors see the event as the major venue for the Central (North) that draws many visitors from all over the state of Ohio and surrounding areas. Since this event is the only one in the area we can distribute and educate the versatility of Fedora. Most of the attendees are from areas that have and participate in Linux User Groups in their local states. It is imperative that these same individuals take back an impressive and memorable experience with Fedora. Its more than just showing up to an event and promoting our vision or like other sponsors just to give out prizes or swag to draw attention, but to give those who visit our booth more than just items to pass out, but to give each person an experience of Fedora they can remember and bring that same experience to LUGs in their locality. Also since the venue is located just down the street from Ohio State University, it tends to draw the local students in for a look around. OLF also provides the opportunity for ambassadors with different expertise within Fedora to provide the best possible experience to our audience.

What is the focus of the event

Fedora offers more that just a default desktop for users. Our purpose is to promote the other various desktop environments available to the public. As we have seen in the past at other events the default desktop is the only user environment most visiting our booth is aware of. The main focus is to promote all available desktop environments and to include the various LAB environments as well that are Fedora Products available to the public.

How does our attendance at this event build users of or contributors to the Fedora platform overall

As with most Linux Festivals our attendance can provide new contributors to our project with volunteers and new desktop users. Most attendees are interested in learning about new and innovative applications and software. Fedora can pull from these resources and possibly get a volunteer to aide us with the project.

How does our attendance at this event build users of or contributors to specific Fedora solutions — and why are those particular solutions strategically important

Fedora has been a steadfast community driven operating system and since our attendance at this event for the past 5 years most of the attendees have either heard of Fedora or is currently using the software. The feedback we do get from either good experiences with the product, or problems they have encountered are feed back to Fedora for analysis and resolution. Most of the problems that are bought to us are usually resolved on site giving the customer a satisfied feeling of the support from Fedora. But for those that are not easily rendered we can direct the issue to the groups that need to check into the problem, then feed it back to the customer for resolution completion.

Measured Success

Our success will depend on customer experience feed back by either written or verbal satisfaction. Questionnaires will be available for each individual to fill out with what their thoughts are about Fedora project, the product, and support they receive.

Event Specifics

Friday, September 29

  • Registration
  • Booth space optionally open (setup possibly Thursday or early Friday)

Saturday, September 30

  • Registration
  • Main day of speaker talks.
  • Booth/expo floor open 9am to 5pm


Welcoming all Free and Open Source Software professionals, enthusiasts, and everyone interested in learning more about Free and Open Source Software. September 29-30 at the Hyatt Regency Columbus, Ohio.

The Downtown-Short North-Arena District location of Columbus, Ohio will be familiar to our guests while providing a more inclusive atmosphere. We will occupy the second floor which entails the three grand ballrooms. This means less walking and more inviting public spaces for interaction. We are also pleased that there are facilities for family restrooms and nursing mothers.

Also convenient are the food court, North Market, Einstein’s Bagels, The Big Bar On Two, and the Hyatt restaurant.

Our preferred hotel this year is the Hyatt Regency. Having the conference and hotel in one place makes it extra convenient and accessible for families and those with physical challenges.

Hyatt Regency Columbus

You can reserve your hotel room with the Ohio LinuxFest block at a discounted rate of $145 a night. Our special room block includes:

   $4.00 discount on self-parking at the Chestnut Street Parking Garage for Overnight Guests
   Complimentary standard wireless internet access
   Complimentary access to the onsite fitness facility and pool.

The block typically sells out, so book early. If the block doesn’t fill, our discounted rate will end on September 7

Or, call 1-800-325-0720 (Drury Reservations) and ask for the Columbus Arena District location.

   Drury Inn and Suites Convention
   88 East Nationwide Blvd
   Columbus, Ohio 43215

For all guests, the Drury offers a free Hot Breakfast and the 5:30pm Kickback® with complimentary hot food and cold beveragesn Free shuttle to/from Charlotte Douglas International Airport

   Free on site parking
   Free in room wireless internet 


The event is free and open to the public. Registration is not required for attendees, but preferred.


You can check out what is scheduled so far and the finalized schedule here;

Presentations of what is going on so far to this date

Event volunteers

If you are attending the Ohio LinuxFest, please add your name to the list below:


Please contact Andrew Ward or Ben Williams if you're planning to spend at least a little while at the Fedora Booth helping out.


Time Who Who Who Who
SETUP Andrew Ward Julie Ward Ben Williams Cathy Williams
8am Andrew Ward Julie Ward Ben Williams Cathy Williams
9am Andrew Ward Julie Ward Ben Williams Cathy Williams
10am Andrew Ward Julie Ward Ben Williams Cathy Williams
11am Andrew Ward Julie Ward Ben Williams Cathy Williams
12pm Andrew Ward Julie Ward Ben Williams Cathy Williams
1pm Andrew Ward Julie Ward Ben Williams Cathy Williams
2pm Andrew Ward Julie Ward Ben Williams Cathy Williams
3pm Andrew Ward Julie Ward Ben Williams Cathy Williams
4pm Andrew Ward Julie Ward Ben Williams Cathy Williams
Tear Down Andrew Ward Julie Ward Ben Williams Cathy Williams


Item Details Budget Actual
Sponsorship Bronze is $750, Edu/Org is $500 $750 $750
Hotel Room for Williams $350.00 $396.76
Hotel Room for A&J Ward $500.00 $595.14
Fuel For A&J Ward $175.00 $168.37
Fuel For Williams $75.00 $50.01
Tolls for Williams $12.00 $12.00
Shipping $150.00 $0.00
Current Total $2012.00 $0
Approved Budget Total $2500.00 $0
Budget Approved: $2500.00

Transportation to and from the event

Arrivals and Departures

Chart for knowing when folks are arriving or departing, by plane, train, car, roller skates, or otherwise.

Who Arrive (Flight-Time) Departure (Flight-Time) Comments Ridesharing
Andrew Ward (award3535) Julie Ward (jward78) Car Thursday evening/one day lodging on the road 9/28/2017 Car Sunday 8am 10/1/2017
Williams Clan Car Friday 9am Arrive 2-3PM Car Sunday 10am

Tasks to be done


Blogs and reports