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* Ivo Studensky (istudens at redhat dot com)
* Ivo Studensky (istudens at redhat dot com)
* Sean Flanigan (sflaniga at redhat dot com)
* Sean Flanigan (sflaniga at redhat dot com)
* Jonathan Roberts (jonrob @ fedoraproject dot org)

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When OLPC starts their next Give 1 Get 1 program, there will be an option to purchase an upgrade that will allow users to run a standard Linux desktop, based on Fedora 10, on their XO system.

In order to make sure that this works properly, we need testers. And we are willing to swap testing time for (almost) free XOs.

Sound like fun? Want to participate? Here's what you do.

1. Add your name and contact info to the list below.

2. Purchase a Sandisk Extreme III SD card, in either 2 Gig or 4 Gig capacity. (This is where the "mostly" free part comes in.)

3. Install Fedora on said SD card. We will tell you how later.

4. Agree that you will spend at least 20 hours between now and late October testing Fedora on your XO, reporting your findings back to us in ways that we will make clear later.

5. Receive your (mostly) free XO. :)

That's it. You need to be moderately Linux-savvy -- know how to bring up a terminal, for instance -- but beyond that, you mostly need to be willing to put in the testing time and able to follow simple directions.

Add your name to the list below!

Fedora on XO Testing Volunteers

  • Greg DeKoenigsberg (gdk at redhat dot com)
  • Rahul Sundaram (
  • James Laska (jlaska at redhat dot com)
  • Joshua Daniel Franklin (joshuadfranklin at yahoo dot com)
  • David Nalley (david at gnsa dot us)
  • Eric Sandeen (sandeen at sandeen dot net)
  • Rich Sharples (
  • Brent Langston (brentley at brentley dot net)
  • Jatin Nansi (jnansi at gmail dot com)
  • Rodney Russ (rdruss4alt at gmail dot com)
  • Trask Bryant Trojanek (
  • Brian Witt (brianwitt at gmail dot com)
  • Andy Burns (andy at burns dot net)
  • Scott Abbey (scott at eotr dot net)
  • John Dennis (jdennis at redhat dot com)
  • Kevin Higgins: Kevin Higgins
  • Chris Wright (chrisw at redhat dot com)
  • Jan Mark Holzer (jmh at redhat dot com)
  • Jef Spaleta (jspaleta at gmail dot com)
  • Adam Huffman (adam.huffman at gmail dot com)
  • Jeffrey Tadlock (linux at elfshadow dot net)
  • Josh Boyer (jwboyer at gmail dot net)
  • Timo Trinks (ttrinks at redhat dot com)
  • Luya Tshimbalanga (luya at fedoreaproject dot org)
  • Saurabh Bathe (sbathe at redhat dot com)
  • Andrew Dingman (acd at redhat dot com)
  • Jon Masters (
  • Stuart R. Kirk (stuart at redhat dot com)
  • Scott Stevenson (scott at web-ster dot com)
  • Matthew Galgoci < mgalgoci / redhat \ com >
  • Brian Pepple (bpepple at fedoraproject dot org)
  • Heherson Pagcaliwagan (azneita at fedoraproject dot org)
  • Christopher Desjardins (cddesjardins at gmail dot com)
  • Marcus Lines (malines at gmail dot com)
  • Ade Lee (alee at redhat dot com)
  • Kevin Sonney (kevin at sonney dot com)
  • Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams (ivazqueznet at gmail dot com)
  • Elizabeth Ann West (eawest at fedoraproject dot org)
  • Ty Fridrich (tyf at redhat dot com)
  • Michael Solberg (msolberg at redhat dot com)
  • Dave Yates (dsyates at lottalinuxlinks dot com)
  • Dan Young (dyoung at fedoraproject dot org)
  • Marco Rhodes (mrhodes at redhat dot com)
  • Terry Stewart (terry.stewart at gmail dot com)
  • Eugene Teo (eteo at redhat dot com)
  • Luke Macken (lmacken at redhat dot com)
  • Tarus Balog (tarus at opennms dot org)
  • Jeff Needle (jneedle at redhat dot com)
  • Rodrigo Pimentel (rbp at isnomore dot net)
  • david d zuhn (zoo at stpaulterminal dot org)
  • Rob Kearey (robk at ningaui dot net)
  • Harish Pillay (harish at redhat dot com)
  • Asgeir Frimannsson (asgeirf at redhat dot com)
  • John Cooper (john.cooper at redhat dot com)
  • Brian Powell (bpowell01 at gmail dot com)
  • Josh Bressers (bressers at redhat dot com)
  • Dimitris Glezos (dimitris at glezos dot com)
  • Bryan Kearney (bkearney at redhat dot com)
  • Craig Cunningham (craigevil at gmail dot com)
  • Kevin Wright (kwright at redhat dot com)
  • Dennis Johnson (drjohnson1 / googlemail com)
  • Blake St. Claire (blakestclaire at gmail dot com)
  • John Cullen (jcathan at gmail dot com)
  • John Poelstra
  • David Walluck (dwalluck at fedoraproject dot org)
  • Justin Neumann (justin at xthat dot com)
  • Summer Maynard (summer at redhat dot com)
  • Stacy Brandenburg (sbranden at gmail d0t com)
  • John Beimler ( jbeimler at radiomind dot com)
  • Benjamin Reed ( rangerrick at befunk dot com)
  • Jeff Weiss ( jweiss at redhat dott com )
  • Henry McBride ( henry.mcbride at gmail dot com)
  • Ryan McCabe ( rmccabe at redhat dot com)
  • Adrian Mandy ( adrian at weelife dot com )
  • Alasdair Kergon ( agk at fedoraproject dot org)
  • Ian Main (imain at redhat dot com)
  • Adam Ligas (agent86 at fedoraproject dot org)
  • Tom Lamar (thomas dot lamar at students dot olin dot edu
  • Ido Rosen (ido at uchicago dot edu) (fedora at idorosen dot com)
  • Velin Dimitrov (velin.dimitrov at yahoo dot com)
  • Teguh DC (dheche at fedoraproject dot org)
  • Mel Chua (mel at melchua dot com)
  • Jiri Pechanec (jpechane at redhat dot com)
  • Richard Fontana (rfontana at redhat dot com)
  • Colin Zwiebel (colin dot zwiebel at students dot olin dot edu)
  • Xavier Y. Ziemba (xy dot ziemba at gmail dot com) (xavier dot ziemba at students dot olin dot edu)
  • Justin Sherrill (jsherril at redhat dooot com)
  • Victoria Hsiao (victoria dot hsiao at students dot olin dot edu)
  • Jason Curtis (jason aaaattt... students dot olin dot edu
  • Miguel Bejar (miguel dot bejar at students dot olin dot edu)
  • Shawn Heard (s.k.heard at gmail dot com)
  • Stefan Unterhauser (stefan at unterhauser dot name)
  • Steve Salevan (ssalevan at redhat dot com)
  • Chris Marra (christopher dot marra at students olin dot edu)
  • Chris Gooley (c dot gooley at gmail dot com)
  • Alexander Todorov (atodorov redhat com)
  • Jan Pazdziora (jpazdziora at redhat dot com)
  • David Kvarnberg (david at mellow dot net)
  • Cristóbal Palmer Cristóbal Palmer
  • Amit Shah Amit Shah
  • Hristo Ivanov (hristo.atanassov gmail com)
  • Frank weyns (fweyns at redhat dot com)
  • David Nielsen ( dnielsen at fedoraproject dot org)
  • Neil Ormos Neil Ormos
  • Fabian Affolter ( fab at fedoraproject dot org )
  • Werner Gold ( wgold at redhat dot com )
  • Max Spevack (mspevack at redhat dot com)
  • Ivo Studensky (istudens at redhat dot com)
  • Sean Flanigan (sflaniga at redhat dot com)
  • Jonathan Roberts (jonrob @ fedoraproject dot org)