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Fedora distributes thousands of packages in the repository for convenience of Fedora users. However, a few of the packages have been seen as offensive by some and would like to be avoided. To aid the process a list a list can be seen. These could be added to an exclude option in yum.conf

Offensive Language

While Fedora does not encourage offensive language in packages it does condone it

  • Gestikk -- A mouse gesture program that contains swearing


Fedora does not allow the direct packaging of pornographic material but software used for such purposes is permitted.

  • Gnaughty -- An application designed to download pornography (movies and images). The application downloads such content off the Internet and does not include any such content by itself.


openarena -- A Quake III game that contains violence, may not be suitable for minors.


Packages religious in nature are occasionally viewed as offensive by other groups.


  • bibletime
  • kio_sword
  • sword
  • xiphos


  • minbar
  • libitl