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|| 7am to 9am (incl. booth setup) || [[User:jeffreyt|Jeffrey Tadlock]]<br />[[User:jbwillia|Ben Williams (as early as possible)]]
|| 7am to 9am (incl. booth setup) || [[User:jeffreyt|Jeffrey Tadlock]]<br />[[User:jbwillia|Ben Williams (as early as possible)]]
|| 9am to 11am || [[User:bpowell01|Brian Powell]]<br />[[User:Jstanley|Jon Stanley]] || [[user:vwbusguy Scott Williams]]
|| 9am to 11am || [[User:bpowell01|Brian Powell]]<br />[[User:Jstanley|Jon Stanley]]<br />[[User:vwbusguy|Scott Williams]]
|| 11am to 1pm || [[Shaun mallette]]<br />[[User:Axelilly|Jason Fenner]]
|| 11am to 1pm || [[Shaun mallette]]<br />[[User:Axelilly|Jason Fenner]]

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Fedora Events: Ohio Linux Fest 2008

  • The Ohio LinuxFest is a free annual conference and event for the Linux and Open Source community.
  • Hosting authoritative speakers and a large expo, the Ohio LinuxFest welcomes Linux and Open Source Software professionals, enthusiasts, and anyone else who wants to take part in this exciting community event.


  • October 11, 2008



  • coming soon


Booth Schedule

With the abundance of ambassadors we want to avoid overcrowding the Fedora Booth with volunteers as people may be reluctant to approach. Please use the following to sign up for a time to be at the booth answering questions regarding Fedora and such. We would like to have at least two to three people at the booth at all times.

We can have multiple people in each slot, in fact we prefer a minimum of two people per slot.

Time Slot Ambassador
7am to 9am (incl. booth setup) Jeffrey Tadlock
Ben Williams (as early as possible)
9am to 11am Brian Powell
Jon Stanley
Scott Williams
11am to 1pm Shaun mallette
Jason Fenner
1pm to 3pm Clint Savage
Brian Powell
3pm to 5pm Pascal Calarco
Jon Stanley
5pm to booth breakdown (approx 6:30-7pm) Clint Savage, Jeffrey Tadlock

Paul W. Frields will be available at the booth as much as humanly possible. Jeffrey Tadlock will also be available as frequently as possible. Ben Williams will be available as needed.

Planning Status (a.k.a. To Do List)

  • Register for a .org table
    • DONE - table registered
  • Acquire swag
    • DONE - DVDs, shirts, stickers from RH, more T-shirts ordered, event box received.

Press Release