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Octave Forge Packages

Perhaps we can use this to keep track of getting the various octave forge packages into F15.

Package Description Owner Review
actuarial Actuarial functions for Casualty and Property lines.
ad Automatic Forward Differentiation
audio Audio recording, processing and playing tools.
benchmark The package contains code used to benchmark speed of Octave.
bim Package for solving Diffusion Advection Reaction (DAR) Partial Differential Equations based on the Finite Volume Scharfetter-Gummel (FVSG) method a.k.a Box Integration Method (BIM)
bioinfo Bioinformatics manipulation
bugfix-3.0.6 This package overrides some functions included with the 3.0.5 release that contain minor bugs.
civil-engineering Functions to solution some ODE's in Civil Engineering.
combinatorics Combinatorics functions, incuding partitioning.
communications Digital Communications, Error Correcting Codes (Channel Code), Source Code functions, Modulation and Galois Fields
control Octave control systems package increasingly based on the SLICOT Fortran library
data-smoothing Algorithms for smoothing noisy data
database These are bindings that allow SQL queries and other database operations on postgres, mysql, sqlite, and standard ODBC databases from within Octave. A simplified interface that is uniform across all database types is provided, as well as the entire C client API for each database (libpq, libmysqlclient, etc).
dataframe Data manipulation toolbox similar to R data.frame
econometrics Econometrics functions including MLE and GMM based techniques.
engine An external interface library for Octave
es Spanish package for the construction of native language translations of Octave functions.
fenv On supported architectures, change the rounding mode of the floating point arithmetics (to nearest, up, down, to zero) or change the precision of the arithmetical operations (single, double, double extended). Experimentally test the properties of the floating point arithmetics.
financial Financial manipulation and plotting functions
fits The Octave-FITS package provides functions for reading, and writing FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) files. The package supports uses the libcfitsio library.
fl-core The package contains code for basic functions in Fuzzy Logic for Octave.
fpl Collection of routines to save data in different graphical formats.
ga Genetic optimization code
general General tools for octave. String dictionary, parallel computing.
generate_html This package provides functions for generating HTML pages that contain the help texts for a set of functions. The package is designed to be as general as possible, but also contains convenience functions for generating a set of pages for entire packages.
gnuplot Scripts to save data in gnuplot-readable formats, specify gnuplot commands that will be used to produce graphics, and call gnuplot. See help g_ez quickly produce the most common plots.
gpc Add a description to this package!
gsl Octave bindings to the GNU Scientific Library
ident Addition System Indentification Control functions.
image The Octave-forge Image package provides functions for processing images. The package also provides functions for feature extraction, image statistics, spatial and geometric transformations, morphological operations, linear filtering, and much more. orion [1]
informationtheory Functions and routines for basic Information Theory definitions, and source coding.
integration Toolbox for 1-D, 2-D, and n-D Numerical Integration
io Input/Output in external formats.
irsa Irregular sampling analysis.
java Provides Java interface with OO-like Java objects manipulation
linear-algebra Additional linear algebra code, including general SVD and matrix functions.
mapping Simple Mapping functions.
miscellaneous Miscellaneous tools that don't fit somewhere else.
missing-functions Find functions that are in Matlab but not in Octave.
msh Create and manage triangular and tetrahedral meshes for Finite Element or Finite Volume PDE solvers. Use a mesh data structure compatible with PDEtool. Rely on gmsh for unstructured mesh generation.
multicore An Octave-forge package providing functions for parallel processing on multiple cores.
nan The NaN-toolbox - A statistics and machine learning toolbox for data with and without missing values
nlwing2 This package allows efficient computation of nonlinear aerodynamic
nnet A feed forward multi-layer neural network.
nurbs Collection of routines for the creation, and manipulation of Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS).
ocs Package for solving DC and transient electrical circuit equations
oct2mat convert m-file into matlab-compatible coding style
octcdf A NetCDF interface for octave orion [2]
octgpr The package allows interpolating and smoothing scattered multidimensional data using Gaussian Process Regression (also known as Kriging). Projected Gaussian Process regression is also experimentally supported.
octproj This package allows to call functions of PROJ.4 library for cartographic projections transformations.
odebvp To approximate the solution of the boundary-value problem y=p(x)*y' + q(x)*y + r(x), a<=x<=b, y(a)=alpha, y(b)=beta by the linear finite-diffence method.
odepkg A package for solving ordinary differential equations and more.
openmpi_ext MPI functions for parallel computing using simple MPI Derived Datatypes.
optim Non-linear optimization toolkit.
optiminterp An optimal interpolation toolbox for octave. This package provides functions to perform a n-dimensional optimal interpolations of arbitrarily distributed data points.
outliers Grubbs, Dixon and Cochran tests for outlier detection and p-value approximating routines.
parallel Parallel execution package for cluster computers. See also package openmpi_ext, maintained by Riccardo Corradini. For parallel execution on a single machine see e.g. function parcellfun (author: Jaroslav Hajek) in package general.
pdb Reads and display PDB-files from the Brookhaven protein databank
physicalconstants Physical Constants from Atomic & Molecular Physics, taken from NIST database
plot Additional ploting tools for Octave.
pt_br Brazilian Portuguese translations of the help strings of the Octave functions.
quaternion Package for the manipulation of Quaternion's used for frame transformation
secs1d A Drift-Diffusion simulator for 1d semiconductor devices
secs2d A Drift-Diffusion simulator for 2d semiconductor devices
signal Signal processing tools, including filtering, windowing and display functions.
simp This package define the basic operations on intervals. It is useful when some values for a computation are incerte.
sockets Socket functions for networking from within octave.
specfun Special functions including ellipitic functions, etc
special-matrix Additional Special Matrices for Octave.
spline-gcvspl B-spline data smoothing using generalized cross-validation and mean squared prediction or explicit user smoothing
splines Additional Cubic spline functions.
statistics Additional statistics functions for Octave.
strings Additional manipulation functions
struct Additional Structure manipulations functions.
symband Linear Algebra for Symmetric Banded Matrices.
symbolic Symbolic toolbox based on GiNaC and CLN.
tcl-octave Socket implementation of a tcl-octave connection
time Additional date manipulation tools.
tsa Stochastic concepts and maximum entropy methods for time series analysis
video Implements addframe, avifile, aviinfo, and aviread, using ffmpeg. (and approximately conforms to Matlab interface)
vrml 3D graphics using VRML
windows Provides COM interface and additional functionality on Windows
xraylib Bindings to the Xraylib functions
zenity A set of functions for creating simple graphical user interfaces. It is currently possible to create calendar windows, text entries, file selection dialogs, lists, message windows, icons in the notification area, and windows for large amount of text.